falling all over the ropes

Ok, you know, like ‘learning the ropes’. Ropes being google+ being the golden ticket to linking up way more stuffs on Klout.

I think Blogger is my favorite blog host now because it EASILY allows me to put my widgetbox html into the sidebar. Having said that, I need to catch up my widgetbox fee and reinstall it into Blogger…

So life has been like this all summer.

Now I’m at the part where I’m coming to after the big splat on the brick wall thing, dizzy and looking around.

I’ve been avoiding the redundancy of synching all my media for a long time, lately feeling more sucked in as I hang by my fingernails to the broken glass in the great big hull breach in my life called Xanga, realizing that if my little empire is going to implode that easily, maybe redundancy is the way to go. Basically, populate as many planets as possible with replicas just in case.

I have a number of blogs spread over the webs with various functions, looks pretty schizo, if that is still politically acceptable to say, but I need a home base. THIS blog looks like it may become the home base. Right now I’m still dazed on the floor beside the splat. But this is a start.



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