It’s like having brain sex

At the best of times I have a pretty awesome brain. I’m afraid the best of times is in my past. I can always brag about scoring over 30 on my ACT, but that means nothing after a couple of decades of brain-impacting autoimmune problems and big bad viral infections taking me down for months at a time. If you’d like to know more, click this pic.

 photo blinking.jpg

So this morning I’m wobbling around the massive WordPress maze of instructions for downloading this yada yada JUST so I can change the theme on my newly migrated Xanga blogs. omg. The very first line in the instructions is “Don’t change anything until you read this.” I clicked aplenty during that migration. While root codes were still being integrated onto new servers I was clicking away, getting stuck, going in loops, running into walls. After a week of watching my original info slowly come back up like sleeping giants rubbing their eyes, I am finally getting links to ‘how to do this’ kind of stuff. Oopsie.

‘Daunting’ is a cute word. I used to fly through techanese with ease, the way mathy people fly through seventh grade algebra. You know what? I *just* want my blogs. I’m not even going to say how much money I put into that kickstarter. And I’m not angry, I’m just really tired. This whole thing has been dragging on since May, it completely displaced my work schedule over the summer (along with some other surprises), and for the first time in my life I’m actually wondering if I should hire somebody to help me fix my blogs. I used to be the one who fixed other people’s blogs. *wow*

I have to think forward. “Onward!” I remember back in 2007 this was one of my favorite videos to run in the background while I labored through lengthy manual html in the dead of night.

I CAN DO THIS. Might take some time, but it’s gonna look ***goooooood***.

In the meantime, I need to get back on track and worry about these forms my publisher wants filled out. Just not as fun as obsessing over blogs.

Since I’m in the Merlin fandom now, I’ve updated the song source. This is my work vid today.


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