Getting ‘bang-daids’ up all over my fortuna site. I need to stop all the slacking, I’m a world Lexx leader. Took a complaint in a forum to grab my attention. No more scattering all my activity and links for people to chance across in search engines. I may have screwed my manually constructed theme with all my happy little button pushing before Xanga got all my stuff settled into the new servers, but at least we can navigate around a little better now. I’ve kinda had an inventory project in the back of my mind for a few months anyway, now that I’m in full blown avoidance behavior mode, why not comb through every post I ever made public and create new navigation menus?

I’m cleaning my whole house today, too. I can’t express how invigorating it was finalizing that book deal. I’m zipping around with energy from the heavens just like my old college days, doing everything but what I’m supposed to be doing. WRITING. *haha, this counts as writing*

I’m actually on antibiotic right now, probably why I feel zippy. We’re cleaning out the crud all over my life, aren’t we? September is clean my life up month. I’m also thrilled that autumn is finally coming, my fave time of year. I made this last night. I’ve been playing with meringue all year. I’m discovering that decorator sugar on top seems to keep it from weeping and shrinking. There is a chocolate pie underneath that.

 photo autumnpie.jpg

I have other meringues at Stargate Pie and Shop Till You Drop if you want to see them.

At any rate, Halloween is coming and the world is feeling pretty awesome today.


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