the Yablo Sprite commercial

Grinding through what some people might think is a waste of time but is invaluable for assessing how far I’ve come with driving traffic on my social media. Thanks to the ongoing Xanga Relaunch migrating my old blogs onto the new WordPress servers, I’m doing eye-opening salvage operations that focus me on details I might not have appreciated by simply looking at stats.

Case in point, my Bluejacky surveys. I made a commitment about a year ago to put quality work into silly teen surveys and wound up with some hoppin’ hotspots containing hundreds of links to commercial sites (I received no compensation in any form for doing this, was just having fun). I went from less than 20 views per post to over 5000 views on the last survey I constructed by the time the Xanga migration ripped my little blogging empire apart. It’s one thing to glance down at some numbers, it’s another thing to go back over years of my own work during salvage and pinpoint the changes I made in my efforts that brought about surges in my traffic.

For many years I was a very private person. I blogged openly and made fansites, but I didn’t talk about my personal life in public posts until 2008, pretty close to the time that I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. I had so many other things going on privately that trumped Asperger’s that I still held quite a lot back in private and protected posts, and still do, even though I’m going more and more public all the time now. I was so swamped with all my ‘stuff’ that I split my life up into multiple blogs, each with its own theme and personality, so that my happy distractions wouldn’t get bogged down with my sad bad stuff. I struggled for several years with splitting myself apart like that, compartmentalizing the drags in my life apart from my exuberances, until I finally realized over this last year that it needs to come back together somehow into one whole person.

That is this blog. Yablo was my first internet name a long time ago. When I made my youtube account, the very first thing I loaded onto it was the Yablo Sprite commercial that I originally found at Clayzeness Whistleworks Notes, Poems and Pointers, and I was the only one on youtube for a long time who had a copy of that. You can see it on another person’s account now.

I dumped that video along with others I wish I hadn’t when I very nearly deleted all my Janika Banks stuff almost two years ago. The only thing stopping me from completely letting my youtube account go was a handful of personal videos I didn’t have stored anywhere else and didn’t know how to get back onto my hard drive before I discovered savevid and Torch. That alone is what stopped Janika Banks from completely disappearing. And then going back to look at stats when youtube got their cool perks going, I was so surprised to see I had over 73,000 views on my channel, what??? Really? But I barely *did* anything with that account. 68,000 of those hits came from one video, the rest of my stuff barely got looked at. I went through the long list of pending comments on that video and cried. Yeah, I kept my youtube account. Sometimes you accidentally do something important for other people when you are dealing with personal stuff in the family. I haven’t been able to go back and read any more of the pending comments.

Maybe what’s happening on my blogs is about more than just me figuring out my stuff. Maybe me figuring my stuff out will help other people figure their stuff out. Maybe we’re all in this together, and maybe all this grinding through re-indexing my shredded blogs isn’t silly at all.

Throwback Thursday, this is me when I was Yablo.



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