really big pep talk, or *Just how big will this explosion be*?

They say do what you love.

I’m doing *everything* I love.

I think the pertinent question is

  How badly do I want this?

To the blog host: So if I make all my blogs premium and donate to your kickstarter you’ll move all my blogs for me? BOOYA! *kaching!*

To the publisher: So you’re saying anybody can place hard copy product around the world no matter how crappy their writing is if they just fork out extra cash? HELL YEAH. *kaching!*

To the domain host: So you’ll drop off those extra preauths that your site charged me while it gave me error messages if I give you my payment over the phone? MAKE IT SO. *kaching!*

Maybe some people can afford to throw money and watch the world jump, but if you knew you might only have a year left to live, would you go for it? I mean metaphorically left to live but still seriously go for it. ‘Cause you never know, right? Do I want this bad enough to spend several thousand dollars on? Because it’s accumulating into quite the investment.

The only thing that can take this away from me now is death itself.

My publisher is starting to leave voicemails… heh heh. You know how good it feels to say that?

But even if everything falls through, at least I won’t leave this world with the regret that I didn’t try.

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