Why myke at syfydesigns is the bomb & this is the best internet birthday EVER, plus Henry Winkler

This is a copy of today’s blurb at syfydesigns.com

We celebrate birthday week around here, already a big deal.

 photo IMAG4765.jpg

 photo IMAG4813.jpg

But I want to say by far the best internet birthday EVER is here on SyfyDesigns looking at my stats.

http://www.syfydesigns.com/entry.php…n-on-JJ-Abrams This is your brain on JJ Abrams 6000+ views

http://www.syfydesigns.com/entry.php…eview-SPOILERS Star Trek Into Darkness movie review- SPOILERS 2300+ views

http://www.syfydesigns.com/entry.php?31-Coffee-Nerd-II Coffee Nerd II 1600+ views

http://www.syfydesigns.com/entry.php?28-Coffee-Nerd Coffee Nerd 2300+ views

http://www.syfydesigns.com/entry.php…ashing-fandoms smashing fandoms 2000+ views

See more Pinky blog posts at http://www.syfydesigns.com/blog.php?251-Pinky

Pinky Stuff blurbs http://www.syfydesigns.com/showthrea…70-Pinky-Stuff 7400+ views

http://www.syfydesigns.com/showthrea…-LEXX-what-one Watch an Episode of Lexx 4300+ views

Lexx- The Dark Zone Stories http://www.syfydesigns.com/showthrea…k-Zone-Stories 2000+ views

I’ve done my best not to whine about my blog host moving to new servers and shredding my launch timetable, and the best support I’ve had getting through it has been coming over here and playing around. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate myke letting me in here to splat myself all over his website, it really saved my year.

This one goes out to all my special tweeps, MerLexxians, SnarkAlecs, aspies, my watchdogs list, and what the heck Henry Winkler for tweeting with me last month.  http://www.syfydesigns.com/showthread.php?370-Pinky-Stuff&p=904&viewfull=1#post904 Everybody go follow Henry Winkler on twitter and tell him Pinky sent you. https://twitter.com/hwinkler4real


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