It was a little challenging yesterday explaining to my psychologist why Twitter is essential to people who love a certain TV show and no one else around them in real life understands. Why is a dark heartrending scifi show like Stargate Universe so important?

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A TV show can represent something big and important inside of us that just can’t be shared without the context of the story bringing those feelings to the forefront. Take Firefly, for instance, a show that “explores the lives of a group of people who fought on the losing side of a civil war and others who now make a living on the outskirts of society, as part of the pioneer culture that exists on the fringes of their star system”. The story runs like a futuristic thought experiment- what could happen if human population keeps booming? What could happen if the government superpowers merged? How do we solve our daily problems and survive?

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My fave spaceship show is Lexx, one of the biggest thought experiments ever in a scifi space show. What if humans had become enslaved by an alien race for thousands of years, how does that change how we think and behave and survive? Can humanity retain their humanity?

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Science fiction has almost completely replaced the action drama of westerns, and television viewers who prefer different kinds of shows don’t understand how prolifically our society is saturated with spaceship shows. ULTIMATE SCIENCE FICTION WEB GUIDE  Scifi and the supernatural make up at least half the list of top shows watched in the United States in the last decade. IMDb: Top 20 TV Shows 2000 – 2010 – a list by renardramon Still, some of us find ourselves in lonely geographical pockets, surrounded by loved ones and coworkers who prefer reality shows or chick flicks and guy cry kinds of stories. I think the difference is that my friends and I deeply need for our shows to contain spaceships, explosions, sometimes aliens, and usually a dire problem solving situation tinged with feely stuff.

My psychologist was more concerned with the ‘dangerous’ emotional connections made in quickie social media meeting places like twitter, which can become more important to us than our real life relationships. Maybe he’s seen the dark side of twitter fails come through his office, I dunno. I’m not on twitter to find gender fulfillment in any shape or form, I’m there for brain fulfillment, for that rush of *finally* somebody understands the feelings I have for a TV show. I’m not sure how to verbalize how sad and empty a real life relationship sometimes feels when the one thing you find soul fulfilling in entertainment is something other people around you just don’t get. I find it almost akin to religious or political conflicts. If your best friend or spouse or favorite coworker has you parking your deepest feelings at their door, you walk through your day alone inside. It’s nobody’s fault, and I think this is very common, but I think as long as we don’t mistake that emotional connection over twitter for infatuation of some kind everything will be fine.

I see a lot of people on twitter saying they have better friends on twitter than they do in real life. I think it’s because twitter cuts out all the extraneous stuff and goes straight to the simple from the heart statements. There’s no room for anything else. There is no dragging around through paragraphs, and full conversations are hilariously impossible, so it’s like simple thoughts going straight in and out of our heads to each others’ heads while we watch TV. Funny, moving, sarcastic, silly, kind, supportive thoughts. Unless you’re a dweeb and haven’t figured twitter out yet, or a troll looking for sport.

The lives we live right now were built on the indomitable human spirit and our love of new and different things, of exploration and progress, of curiosity and that great big feeling inside of us that there must be more out there somewhere. We are very lucky when we find other people that ‘get’ what we’re feeling.

Thousands of miles apart, yet in each others’ heads every day out in space. :edit: Some content removed due to conflict of interest. 3-27-16



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