I think my dad is a pod person

November 7, 2011

Kept meaning to get this one up. This is my dad looking up at Roy’s tree house style deer stand. Got that full Santa beard going, a Christmas zombie.

By the way, he will be *gone* ANY TIME NOW. Greece balking about lumping in with the Euros and the bailout is a ~sign~, and if we suddenly can’t get hold of him or find him, he’ll be *in the clouds*.

Sal is a bit put out that he automatically leaves *us* behind… I told her I noticed that too. Oh, well, not like we want to keep up the charade of yay-the-rapture-is-almost-upon-us-again-for-the-third-or-fourth-time-this-year…. I just wish we didn’t have to talk about it every single time. The man obviously wants to move along already, really hard to make little conversations around food storage AND the rapture. Is the guy nuts??? He’s got enough food to live in a bunker, and we still can’t get over all that brown sugar. Can’t take it with you, Dad. Oh, it’s here in case WE need it? Thanx, Dad, but if there is really a rapture, what makes you think WE will need it?

Yeah, kinda kills the ol’ holiday spirit. He called yesterday about the earthquake, said he was awake reading, which really surprised me because he’s always telling me he goes to bed early, and that happened at nearly midnight before the time change. (I’m thinking Scott and I must have been the only people in Missouri who were alseep during the shock waves.) He tried calling me, oh thank God I turned my phone off, I don’t take calls at midnight any more unless it’s life or death, if anyone can roll an evil eye over the phone at midnight it’s me, thanx to years of Twink. He seemed a little put out that I didn’t think to call him up first thing yesterday morning all excited about an ~*earthquake*~, didn’t call anyone, Dad, I’m not a phone person. I guess he must have waited hours for me to call, giving me a chance (I’m getting stronger and stronger hints that I’m not a good child because I don’t call my parent), and finally called me, had already talked to everyone else, including a network of family in Kansas and beyond, who all felt it too. (Does anyone sleep at midnight? Egads, maybe they are pod people!) What a black sheep I am, eh? And of course I had to tell him no, it wasn’t caused by the asteroid that is supposed to fly by on Monday, if it could do that we’d be having tidal waves and tsunamis crashing cities apart by now. And we wound up on the flood again, and if I have thinning hair it’s because I pull it out piece by piece while I grimly keep smiling through our decades long flood conversation.

Parental units. The batteries just keep going, and going…


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