parallel self organizer

Another really oldie but goodie.

Had a compulsion yesterday to dig through my old locked up stuff on fb, and found this gem.  No one ever responded to it when I had it up, don’t think anyone else got it.  Prolly think I’m crazy.

parallel self organizer

by Janika Banks on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 11:10am (I deleted that facebook page a couple of years ago, sorry)

Ever feel like you’re never quite in the right place at the right time? Do you feel like you should have turned left when you turned right? Does it feel like you’re missing something in your life and you’re not sure what?

You, my friend, can feel your other selves in parallel universes!

Many would think this a unique treat. Unfortunately, a long day of just-missed successes, wrong turns, and impossibly strange accidents can leave a person drained and annoyed. It’s as if all the other selves are sucking up *your* good luck and happiness. What can be done about this?

Get the parallel self organizer from HyperCube-o-Dyne! Take back your long deserved lucky shuffle of life’s deck by spreading your inner chaos among your other selves! After all, so many of them are millionaires, great novelists, famous actors, great political leaders, highly successful business tycoons, world class athletes and oh, so much more, they can afford to split up all the rest of your bad days, right?

How can you make this happen? Send me 1000 nonrefundable U.S. dollars (preferably cash), and I will send you a 30 minute video on how YOU can make your parallel selves suck it ~for~ you! And if you act quickly, I’ll even throw in my old Ginsu steak knives! Nearly 20 years old and still cutting through cans like paper!

Don’t forget- Your existence in this universe doesn’t have to be a hapless accident. Send that money NOW for future happiness, prosperity, and well deserved positive attention just for being you!


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