The most horrible story ever

I’m combing through private blogs for stuffs I need to get together and thought this looked like it needed to come out of the closet, lol. Originally posted April 2, 2012.

 So Scott was outside yesterday with the power saw, slicing up boards that were left over from the deck, rebuilding a bat house, stuff.

He comes upstairs and goes Oh, by the way, shake out your shoes when you go in the basement. (I keep shoes down there for chicken stuff.) I’m like yeah, I heard you sawing, don’t worry, I’ll wipe the sawdust off my feet.

Oh, yeah, that, and a big spider might come tumbling out, you never know, so be sure and check first. (He walks off to wash his hands.)

Wo, you found a spider in your shoe??? (I’ve always dreaded that, it finally happens to Scott.) How big was it?

Oh, kinda big, probably a wolf spider.

Did you kill it???

It was dead when it came out. I think I squished it with my big toe.

*shudder* How awful! Death by toe! I NEVER want to feel a big spider in my shoe! Did it try to bite you?

I don’t know, I don’t have a bite. It didn’t have room to move.

Wait… How long was it in there before you took your shoe off?

The whole time.

How long was that?

Oh (looking at clock), maybe two or three hours.

TWO OR THREE HOURS?!?!?!?!?!?! You mean you didn’t even FEEL it???!!! *much gagging and flapping air around my face* You walked around with a big spider in your shoe and never even KNEW it???


So you got a surprise when you pulled your shoe off. (By this point I’m turning green and feeling sick.)

This went on for some time.


Just glad I got a heads up…

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