Dylan Doesn’t Know Doctor Who

Due to G+ tech issues this event has been rescheduled for Monday Dec 30th, 9 pm EST.

A challenge has gone out, and I will be among the round table discussion this evening attempting to convince Dylan Lange of the radio show Dylan Knows why he should at least try watching some Doctor Who. He claims to never have seen even one episode, which is a pretty big claim since he’s an aficionado of comics, scifi, and zombies in the entertainment industry.

I myself resisted all things Who until Eleven showed up in 2010. I had never seen one episode excepting as very brief glimpses in ad breaks during other shows. I knew immediately I’d never care for Daleks, and after all the scifi I’ve seen, it looked kind of ridiculous, like a step backward into shows that had retro space aliens. As the big budget movie series like Star Trek and Star Wars refined their mythologies and CGI, Doctor Who seemed more klunky and hands on, low budget, so I never gave it a glance. It reminded me of 1970’s Saturday morning shows.

Wow, was I wrong.

April of 2010 was a bit of an asthma nightmare, and I wound up being zapped out on all kinds of meds on my couch when The Eleventh Hour came on my TV. It couldn’t have been more perfect, because the first character I saw besides the newly regenerated Doctor was a little red headed girl. Since I come from a family of redheads (not sure how I missed being ginger myself), I was instantly amused at the funny awkward no-idea-what’s-going-on see-saw dialogue happening around this little girl, and by the time the Doctor returned for her I was completely hooked. She was exactly what I always wanted to see in a human/alien relationship, so despite the bizarre aliens and hideous noises, I made it through the entire episode and set my timer to catch the rest of the season. When season break rolled around, I set the timer to catch all the reruns from the previous Doctor incarnations, starting at 2005, and learned why the world fell in love with Rose and Captain Jack. But the companions that really sealed the fandom feels down with a nail gun and super glue and duct tape were Donna Noble and her grampa.

I’m NOT a chick flick person. At all. I avoid feely chick shows like the plague. So why does Doctor Who suck me into that vortex with the TARDIS and wreck me into a mess the rest of the day? Because it’s every day real stuff, all the things you wish you could really talk about with the real people who are supposed to love you unconditionally WHILE you are racing the clock to stop nasty evil aliens from killing everybody in London or wherever. Everybody wants to be swept off their feet into a really honest relationship that brings them to the brink of forever and forces them to become Someone Really Cool. And that’s what the Doctor does for his companions. And they stand right up to his face and shove him right back. There’s no head game playing in Doctor Who. If someone is coming back through space and time for you, you KNOW you’re special and loved.

I daresay a whole bunch of us never felt that as children or significant others. And even if some of you did, you still *get it* about the Doctor. He is everything to everybody. Even Rory. I’ll refrain from catapulting off into a Rory love fest, because he rocked companion coolness.

And the puns are cool, and the super twisted convoluted timelines are cool, and the time charts that people make trying to keep up with all this timey-wimey maze stuff are cool. The coolest part to me, though, will always be the companions. I love all the different things the companions bring to the TARDIS and pull out of the Doctor.

If you’ve never seen some of the charts, here are my favorites.

The Timeline of River Song Pop it into its own window and then you can magnify it.

Time & Space Visualizer This is one of many that help you wrap your head around it all.

A Detailed Chart of River Song & the Doctor’s Time-crossed Relationship

Doctor Who Series 1-6 Timeline I love the genius of this one.

Doctor Who: 50 years of time travel in the TARDIS Give this one time to load, and it’s browser-picky, so check the browser tips across the top of that graphic. They took complex and make it easier to see with an interactive element, so hover your mouse over the time streams and click to get more info on each one.

My very favorite Doctor Who episode is The Doctor’s Wife because we finally get to really meet the TARDIS and get her point of view on the Doctor.

After Dylan’s show is uploaded onto youtube I will include it here. I have no idea yet what’s going to happen, but I’m betting we’ll have a lot of fun.  If you happen to see this before we go live at 9 pm Eastern tonight Dec 28th and want to watch, check my twitter at PinkyGuerrero for the live link around that time.



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