Life as Social Media Art

I want to borrow a friend for this piece. My canvas is a rich text editor. My art is interactive curiosity. My impression is for the Social Mind.

As we begin, please to click this beautiful photo for original source.


We don’t often think of sunlight as something to hold onto in our hearts. Yes, this clicks to source. The few words there are intriguing.


We see each other in passing, leaving cryptic messages, like pretty puzzle boxes for others to discover. Keep clicking, these all click.


Opening some of the puzzle boxes becomes a delightful quest into the dance of the mind.


Some of the pieces are dark and sad.


Some of them are devastating, but somehow Vicki makes them beautiful.


Vicki’s courage bounces back into play, and even on the darkest nights, she finds people to keep loving.



But I come back to this one after I have perused the puzzle boxes left strewn across the medias like shiny little jewels in a lonely, dark forest. This I have seen before, in another place, another time, in my own heart. A simple beautiful picture, elegant, unassuming… and knowing all the things I know, it moves me to my own tears. Vicki’s art and poetry across the time and space of social media speaks to me.



Vicki Addesso is co-author of Still Here Thinking of You


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