Cinnamon Bacon Rolls

Mmm, bacon cinnamon rolls. You’ve seen them floating around facebook, you wonder how they taste, you’re not sure if you want to try it and it looks really messy…

Ta-da! As you can see, your first crucial step is to buy precooked bacon.

Your second crucial step is to buy parchment paper. Always keep parchment paper on hand. You can find it by the foil and cling wrap. Crucial. Now, pop that can open, carefully unroll the dough, line the dough with bacon, gently roll back up, pressing the cinnamon mixture back on if it falls off during all this manhandling. I hope you are preheating your oven as instructed on the cinnamon roll can.

Sweet. That only took a few seconds and barely messy at all.

Follow cooking instructions on the cinnamon roll can, and voila! Purty.

Frost and serve. YUM! 


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