I have yet to come across a help article for compulsive reading addiction

Up at 2 a.m. spinning my brain through miles of random articles linked via twitter, missing the days of yore when I would obsessively read ancient thick recipe books in the wee hours. Twitter is a smorgasbord of brain candy, I love it, but I need something dulling my brain right now, not revving it up.


I’ve had strange obsessions with rules of social etiquette and table service since middle school. I’ve been reading recipe books since I was six years old, my favorite being my mother’s very thick book that included chapters on formal entertaining. I’ve also been obsessed with goods and services around the world since I saw my first maps in grade school. I was the kid who read encyclopedias growing up. I’m not sure the word prolific even touches this compulsion to absorb all the knowledge in the world. I’ve been aware of this reading compulsion for years. When I stand in vote lines I can’t help reading all the boring lengthy political charts tacked to the walls. I used to keep physics books in my bathroom.


For about four years I stopped reading. Stabbing occipital pain, blah blah, migraines, blah. I still get into fights with my left eye, but after I stomp on it a little I can usually force it to comply. My eye doctor seems to think there is nothing wrong with it.


Now I read twitter. I actually read it. I zip through a stack of incoming feeds and article links like a fly zipping around a picnic. I know everything going on around the world in real time. And you know what? For the first time in my life I’m starting to feel bored. Actually did a double take over feeling bored at 2:30 a.m. I never get bored. I have this glorious think tank jammed onto the top of my neck, I can’t turn the thing OFF. I’m bored???


I’m doing this with TV shows, too. Instead of being pulled into story, I seem to be on the edge watching for plot devices, and I seem to be disappointed a lot more lately with new shows than I ever was with the old ones, even if the filming is better. Maybe it’s true, maybe television rotted my brain.


I didn’t get to see supermoon at my house because of storms, and my horizon is such a tangle of woods that any kind of rise and set usually gets missed. Twitter showed me supermoon seen from all over the planet. I miss a lot of real life going on out there, but twitter jams real life from all over the world into my brain, and just since 2 a.m. I have read a number of lengthy articles on mental health, politics, cleaning tips, animal advocacy, and, you guessed it, food preparation and safety. One of the articles I skimmed insists that twitter helps strengthen the brain in the event of impending Alzheimer’s. I’m a little concerned that my brain can do a thousand squat thrusts by now.


I just wanna sleep….

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