year end youtube assessment

I didn’t think to include my youtube year end assessment in my assessment post the other day. My channel got 1,333 views this year, which is cool considering I’m not trying, and here is the top 10 breakdown.

 photo youtubeviews-1.jpg

Lifetime views is 81,243 from 167 countries. I get to see neat maps and charts. Here is the breakdown for views from the top 20 countries.

 photo youtubeviews2.jpg

 photo youtubetop20countries.jpg

I can hover over the map and see little popups.

 photo youtuberussia.jpg

 photo youtubeviewsfrance.jpg

The following video is my top vid. It’s been seen in 157 countries and total lifetime views is currently at 68,495. There is a Story behind this video that I hope to get written out one day. I have given permission for this video to be posted on suicide prevention pages and turned comments off because I was getting so many overwhelming personal stories from families who had lost members to suicide. This young lady is still with us against odds you wouldn’t believe, being plowed by a car while she was in a crosswalk two Christmases ago and thrown so hard that she nearly lost a leg and suffered head injuries. I withdrew the video from public during that time, so ‘lifetime’ actually covers only about five years instead of seven.

This is my second top vid. Most of my pet chicken videos barely get hits at all, so 3,320 views on it cracks me up. I guess it’s a big thing to watch big pet snakes eat small mammals and birds and I accidentally lucked into the search range with the title I chose.

The third top is Maizy again with 1,218 lifetime views on this one.

And the 4th top has me in it, lol. I never expected anyone to watch it, it’s kinda dumb.

I originally had no plans when I created my youtube account, but over this next year a few things might be changing, and I hope to be doing vid chat hangouts with other Lexx fans on Google+. I guess we’ll see where it goes.


When I worked in retail, food, and hospitality we did year end inventories and audits. Scott’s work does inventory every year too. Just because I no longer get a paycheck doesn’t mean I stopped doing inventories. (I actually started doing farm inventories with my dad as a child.) Every year I do an end of year assessment to see where I’m at, so that I can better see where I am going. I like doing health assessment inventories because they help me make better decisions about dealing with allergies, migraines, and a myriad of other interruptions that slow me down. This really works because it’s way too easy to get into ruts with mediocre medications and sloppy nutrition. All you have to do is ask What was I doing this time last year?, same as you do about money. I think the reason it’s so difficult to stick to New Year’s resolutions is because we don’t really know where we are truly at *right now*, and we’re not sure if we’re any better off than the year before. We know it all got away from us somewhere in there and we slipped back into bad habits and the old routine, and then we feel like we can’t get out of the ruts we’re in because we’re running just to keep up. So it helps to write it down in a few sentences and keep it in a drawer to look back on at the end of next year.

Every year since 2004 I’ve been doing website/blog inventories. It’s fun to see how the traffic comes and goes over time, and it gives me a better idea of what people are looking for and what they like coming back to. I make some of my blogs easy to find, others I tuck away in little corners. This last year I’ve been linking my stuff together for the first time ever, so this will be my first overall look at everything I’ve got open to the public right now (and hopefully my only pre-sales inventory). Some of these don’t have working trackers, some have gone through broken and migrated trackers, and some have had excellent trackers from their beginnings. Because I like watching my numbers, I’m able to keep conservative estimates going about some of the traffic on the blogs that have suffered tracker failures. This inventory is for my own benefit so I can get back to work on my traffic projections since the big Xanga migration this fall, and to help me collect my thoughts because I’ve been neglecting some of my blogs so badly the last few months. Time to get back on track!

If you are not familiar with how trackers work, spam hits are automatically filtered. These are clicks from real people coming through links, search engines, and book marks, and duplicate hits aren’t counted when pages are refreshed or revisited.

I’ll start with my newest blog Arch Heretic.
Total views main blog since Sept 2013- 955 (wordpress tracker)

Top post- Are you a robot? 49 direct views 11-03-13 to 12-27-13 (wordpress tracker)

Oldest blog GrandFortuna’s League of 20,000 Planets
Total views main blog since Sept. 2004- .5+M (very conservative)
Top post- Lexx Index 11,877 direct views 9-06-12 to 9-1-13 (Xanga tracker)

Total views main blog since May 2007- 19,504 (site meter, incomplete)

Top post- shop till you drop survey 5,727 direct views May 2013 to Sept 2013 (Xanga tracker)

Spoonie blog Spaz
Total views main blog since March 2011- 1,429 (blogger tracker)
Top post- Oh no you didn’t… 56 direct views since 9-8-12 (blogger tracker)

note- followed me on twitter for that post  

The forum and blogs have been a joyful experiment in live real time response to tweeting links that soared far beyond that into a search engine bonanza. I’ve been told by several people that forums are dead, but this one certainly saw a lot of real time response traffic for as little as we were doing with it, even without actual feedback on the site itself. It was very useful for testing twitter response, funneling specific traffic, and filling up my time with something useful while other blogs were down. It was also highly visible in search engines and resulted in my highest viewed blog post of all time on any site I’ve ever written for. For purposes here, I am counting only forums and blogs started by me there, regardless of whether I posted prominently in threads started by other people.

Total views on my stuff since I joined in January 2013- 63,492 (internal tracker)

Top post- This is your brain on JJ Abrams 13,850 direct views since 2-15-13 (internal tracker)

I have other blogs that I don’t keep track of traffic on at JanikaBanks and mRpl and probably a few more that I’ve neglected so long that I don’t remember them. Used to have lots more and a multipage gaming site that I built, but I tore all that down.

Now I’m probably supposed to go into some analytics but I got distracted playing some funny twit-addiction games on twitter and then got snowed under 300 hard and fast interactions and now I’m crashing at the end of a long day/week and I’m caring more about a cup of hot chocolate now than number crunching. BUT. If I recall where my projections were this time last year, some of these numbers are blowing me away because I didn’t expect this kind of traffic so quickly and hadn’t intended on the directions most of the heavier traffic has turned me. I’m also seeing that jumping into tying my sites together and spreading myself out across more social media had a big impact on driving traffic. My initial goal was to play with link gaming, drive a little traffic around here and there with link teaser styles. I’m still doing that, but on a more mildly exponential scale.

Looking at the numbers is important, but with the big blog migration going completely out of my control the last 4 months, I’ve been flying blind and I’m still not back up to the tracker support level I was accustomed to. I’ve spent the day looking at all my stuff and now I’m walking away. Maybe in a few more months I can look at it again and see how it’s going.

I made this way back around 2003 or 2004 when I was working retail.

 photo d463103b.jpg


feed me, Seymour

I promise not to do this a lot. This is a reblog from my mangled blog at grandfortuna, originally posted 8-4-12. I just think it’s fun to see change over time. Little did I know my own Xanga blogs would go through the meat grinder of new servers after I burst forth on twitter, and, amusingly, Nathan Fillion was forgiven.


I have to laugh. Some of my sites have exploded (more like bottle rocket, not nuclear) this week and sitemeter has been mostly down for days because they’re moving their servers. Go figure.

I’ve been a blog watcher since before I ever got on xanga, which was 2004. I followed Michael J. Straczynski around on message boards, fought gang wars with Sliders and Xena fans that we thought would explode the internet, ran groups and chats, and absolutely flipped out that no one was bringing up how The Lone Gunmen practically showed us how to take out the World Trade Center mere months before it really happened, and then the show just disappeared. I know a guy who hosted a Star Trek marathon wearing Spock ears on our local tv station back in the 80′s. We were underground awesome before it was cool to geek out. Before other people ever started blogging, we were like human webcrawlers. Before blogging became a numbers game, we were forming conventions and group emails were flying all over the country.

When the internet got bigger this last decade, I was thrilled. My idea of internet was how cool it will be to have everything ever known to man catalogued and organized for easy access. Instead of laboriously digging through ancient books in old libraries, now we’re zipping straight into a Trek-like future where everything ever known is commonly warehoused everywhere you go, and you simply ask a computer for information about *anything*, and ~voila~. For example, how about the movie A Sound of Thunder which came out in 2005. I saw that and was all *omgwheredidIreadthatbook*, because back in the 70′s I read the short story. Well, sooner or later Wikipedia is going to have everything, because here it is, Ray Bradbury got it published in 1952. And that’s what internet should be, an extension of my brain that helps me keep track of and remember things, as well as interact in a very timely manner all over the planet.

But the sport I love most is blog watching. When I first started blogging I had no idea what was going on, but it didn’t take long to figure out, because once everything in media turned into blogging, that became the new interactive gaming for the intellectual. Or psueudointellectual. Or anyone preying on anyone else who can halfway phonetically spell well enough to encourage interchange, because boy have those ads taken over. Blogging is such a huge industry that money magically makes itself every time people flock around media sites. Commenting is the new hamster wheel, generating more and more interaction, and the worth of a blog becomes the sine of the tangent squared of the comments over the pi to the second crap of the traffic which that blog drives to the ads, and anyone can get in on the action now, just like buying and selling stocks over your computer at home.

Once a blog hits a certain threshold, the hits keep coming in with minimal maintenance because other blog sites are busy grabbing and reproducing the posts and linking back to that blog. This has gotten so complex that sometimes I hunt high and low for an original source and can never find it. Once something, however out of context, hits media blogging, it’s a throw of the dice if you’ll ever find a link back to the REAL original site, because all that is legally required now is to link back to where you’re quoting from, and that absolves you of any claim to how real or true what you just reposted may be. I think the only logical thing the comment squabbling goes on about nowadays is whether something might be truly misquoted, but the mangling all that goes through during comments only proves that the more you misquote, the more money you can make. Likewise, opinions have always been weightier than truth, but nothing breathes more life into opinionating than blogging, and blogging is a money machine, so the more opinions spew out, the more money can be generated because more commenting drives more traffic through the ads. The more the world squabbles, the richer someone is becoming…

Lately there is a broohaha going on over Nathan Fillion’s response to a request for a photo of him with a piece of twine. Staunch fans who know what the heck is going on are lining up and taking sides, and it’s actually kinda funny that right now The Bloggess has actually got more clout to make an impact if she’s getting 500 comments over that and he’s not…

See, THAT is what the game is all about. How many people can you get to talk about you? If you can get ONE person full of hellbent fans to respond to you like that, you virtually win the game, or you can up the ante and go into high stakes poker with your own hellbent followers. This is what blog watching is all about. That and watching Michio Kaku’s twitter get hacked LIVE because I’m up at 3 a.m. watching Olympic feeds on Twitter, and all the trending responses about the hack from Michio’s followers were better than watching Comedy Central.

Live response is where I’m at. I’m enjoying the summer so far, watching my twitter feeds during live Merlin filming at Pierrefonds in France, thanks to the fans who were able to hang out there, and live during the San Diego Comic Con, thanks to all the fans and podcasts and actors tweeting their hearts out. Both of those went on for weeks, and I was nearly exhausted by the time it was all over from trying to keep up with the thousands of pictures and videos and blogs being linked.

Now I’m back to watching the entire world fuss back and forth about football coming up, and I’m watching my internal trackers, which aren’t that great because I don’t get IPs and very good locations like I do with sitemeter, so I’ll wave a general hello back just in case some of those footprints happen to be people I know from former glory days. And the rest of you, don’t want to leave anyone out.

I believe in our earth being the Magrathean super computer designed by Deep Thought in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and we’re all a tiny part of it. The answer to life, the universe, and everything is nearly in our grasp now.

stats for Lexx fans, and waving to the U.S. Airforce

Note to stats addicts and Lexx fans- You’re welcome.  

Today is the last day for paid site meter on my Lexx fan blog. Tomorrow my year expires and most of the information I can see right now will drop back off and be lost forever. Since Xanga moved my Lexx blog to new servers at the beginning of this month, and since I still have no freedom to reinsert my tracker html while my original html is still ‘dust’, and since we have no idea if this could take another month or two, I see no sense in paying another $60 on top of the hundreds I’ve already put into going public again as a Lexx fan- actually getting close to saying thousand(s) at this point if we count donating to the Xanga Relaunch. Well, ok, add in the 3-year domain renewal I’m doing this week for the forum and I can throw the ‘s’ on that thousand. So anyway, today I’m excavating site meter for what stats I can still see.

The very first thing I’m running into is that site meter is still seeing someone hitting the blog every few days.

 photo sitemetergfdetails-erase.jpg 

Remember, the new obliterated page (still the same blog) is on a different server, but it still has the same web address. As soon as all my Xanga html is plugged back into place by the Xanga Team, site meter should be able to see visitors again, and it will start keeping track again even if it’s not still upgraded to premium. If and when my original html work shows back up somehow, maybe I’ll pay for premium again. This is the detailed info I’m getting on that hit, which I’m betting is Xanga support working on ‘settling the dust’ as they keep saying. If that’s not it, I’d sure be curious who is actually still being counted.

 photo sitemetergfdetails1-erase.jpg

Before we go on, remember from a previous post at So, Lexx… that original counts were lost when site meter itself moved to a new facility just as I was resurrecting my Lexx blog last year, so this is the second time in right around 12 months I’ve lost a lot of information on a 9 year old blog. Let’s just laugh this off as a learning experience in keeping one’s self from slipping down the steep slope of arrogance. I’d love to really brag it up, but alas, cheers and let’s move on.

Please note at the bottom of this graphic that while my site meter is still paid for, I can see the last 4000 hits…

 photo sitemeterlocation1-20.jpg

as demonstrated here. After today it goes back down to the most recent 400.

 photo sitemeterlocation4000.jpg

I clicked on number 3,999 and can see this information. I get full IPs with paid site meter, but I’m blocking them out to partial IPs to be nice.

Domain Name  (Network)
IP Address (Patriot Media and Communications)
ISP Patriot Media and Communications
Continent  : North America
Country  : United States  (Facts)
State  : New Jersey
City  : Bernardsville
Lat/Long  : 40.7262, -74.5949 (Map)
Language English (U.S.)
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Internet Explorer 8.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)
Javascript version 1.3
Resolution  :  1024 x 768
Color Depth  :  24 bits
Time of Visit   Nov 23 2012 8:36:09 am
Last Page View Nov 23 2012 8:36:23 am
Visit Length 14 seconds
Page Views   5
Referring URL
Visit Entry Page http://grandfortuna…./767742511/the-lexx/
Visit Exit Page http://grandfortuna…
Out Click  
Time Zone UTC-9:00
Visitor’s Time Nov 23 2012 5:36:09 am
Visit Number 2,264

  Visitor Path Duration (s)
Referral 0
(1) 6
(2)…in= 3
(3)…in= 2
(4)…in= 3
(5)…in= 0

If I want to see a world map, I can see the last 500 hits on paid site meter. Tomorrow that will drop back down to 50 or 100, I think.

 photo sitemeterworldmap500.jpg

Isn’t that cute?  All the Lexx fans are cute little dots. I can hover over each dot and see more info for location and user

 photo sitemeterworldmaphover.jpg

and if I click the dot I go straight to its detail page, like what I just copied above on number 3,999. I’m thinking about zipping through the 4000 hits tonight and listing all the different countries I see for posterity. If I’m not too tired I’ll add an edit below with that list.

This little dot caught my eye. Big wave to the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado.  If you are interested in knowing more about that, here’s a link –> United States Air Force Academy

 photo sitemeterworldmaphover2.jpg

I was curious what someone from the USAF would be doing on my Lexx blog, so I clicked to get the details page. Please note the search phrase “tv spaceships in meters”. From there you can see this person was referred to my post “How big is the Lexx?” See it for yourself –> How big is the Lexx? | GrandFortuna’s League of 20,000 Planets

Domain Name (Unknown) 
IP Address 140.32.16.x (Naval Ocean Systems Center)
ISP Naval Ocean Systems Center
Continent  : North America
Country  : United States  (Facts)
State  : Colorado
City  : U S A F Academy
Lat/Long  : 39.0107, -104.8669 (Map)
Language English (U.S.)
Operating System Macintosh WinNT
Browser Safari 1.3
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/28.0.1500.95 Safari/537.36
Javascript version 1.5
Resolution  :  1366 x 768
Color Depth  :  32 bits
Time of Visit   Aug 2 2013 1:01:32 am
Last Page View Aug 2 2013 1:01:32 am
Visit Length 0 seconds
Page Views   1
Referring URL…ust=1375509233467154
Search Engine
Search Words tv spaceships in meters
Visit Entry Page http://grandfortuna….how-big-is-the-lexx/
Visit Exit Page http://grandfortuna….how-big-is-the-lexx/
Out Click  
Time Zone UTC-7:00
Visitor’s Time Aug 2 2013 12:01:32 am
Visit Number 6,103

[<<]  [>>]
  Visitor Path Duration (s)
Referral tv spaceships in meters…UVBwMA812uw&ust=1375509233467154
(1) 0

Sometimes I see dots from our troops overseas, sometimes I see dots from Langley, VA (CIA), but mostly I see lots of cute little random dots. There are a handful of dots that have been hitting my Lexx blog regularly for several years, and by regularly I mean usually weekly, and when I opened it back up to public again, even daily for awhile. Most of the regular dots are in Canada, Russia, France, the UK, but mostly the Los Angeles area, and I’m just going to be really vague and leave it at that. Hello Los Angeles.  If someone out there is thinking about making more Lexx, please remember that I think Bradley James would be awesome to play Thodin if you do backstory –>

The funniest dot is United Arab Emirates referring in because of the Lexx phrase “the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes”. I used to see that quite a lot.

Back to my Lexx blog stats. I posted these graphs before, but here they are again for fun. Keep in mind these are conservative numbers. I used to use 3 different trackers to catch all the stealth and proxy users. I don’t think site meter is that great, but I love the cute little charts and graphs.

 photo sitemeterpageviewsbargraph.jpg

 photo sitemeterpageviewschart.jpg

I archived the view counts on my Lexx posts before the big Xanga migration. This snip is from the “How big is the Lexx?” which I linked up there.

 photo viewcounthowbigislexx.jpg

 I won’t list them all here, but that and my other top Lexx posts got more hits between them this year than my entire Lexx blog originally got when the show was fresh several years ago. I think this is significant because I keep running into fans who make comments about Lexx being ‘dead’. Um, yeah, in the show the Lexx died, but the show itself is far from dead, obviously. It’s not visibly huge on the internet because it’s not really airing very well anywhere, showing up in spurts now and then on Netflix, finally available in stores and on Amazon, but for a couple of years it seemed like Lexx would go out of print and disappear off the market forever. Here are a few examples of how dead Lexx is. The first one is the Lexx index page.

 photo viewcountslexxindex-1.jpg

 photo viewcountsmakinglexx.jpg

 photo viewcountstimeprophet.jpg

 photo viewcountslexxtee.jpg

Not bad for a ‘dead’ show in only a few months’ time. Worldwide traffic. I honestly didn’t expect this at all. Also, this is why you can’t trust the site meter counts. Check out this list of how many hits these posts got.

 photo sitemeterentrypages.jpg

I know, right, the Lexx index page at the top has less than a tenth of the Xanga count. Go down to the 119 on the link that says wormhole riders. Now look at how many hits Xanga recorded for that post before the move.

 photo viewcountsellen.jpg

I know site meter was stringently only counting those as entry pages in that list, but I’m pretty sure this last one was hit more directly from twitter than anywhere, as me, Holly, Ellen, and the Wormhole Riders were all tweeting it several times over a period of a couple of weeks. So I don’t think site meter catches near what comes in. Funny thing is, Xanga’s internal tracker should have been able to cross reference to site meter, but it rarely did, so Xanga was catching all different hits than site meter. I was able to watch those hits come in every time I tweeted, so I know they weren’t bots. And of course, a number of those hits were the steady fan traffic coming to the main website page or the Lexx index page and then clicking on the title. What’s really convincing for how bad site meter is for actual traffic is a post I made that has nothing to do with Lexx. On that entry page list at 192 hits is Diabetes and Steroid Meds, and this is the count Xanga got by the end of August, with 99% of the hits coming in from search engines, so I’d certainly call that entry page counts.

 photo viewcountsdiabetes.jpg

That’s quite the discrepancy. In case you’re interested in that, here is the link –> I’m sorry the font color is so horrible now on that since the relaunch, I’m going to have to fix it. But not tonight. Spent my evening fixing the “How big is Lexx?” post. 

Whew, what a long post! Need a brain cleanser after all that? Here’s what I’m listening to right now.

I blame Gloria Gaynor and Victore Navone for mRpl…

I’ve been racking my brain all week about a Plan, I need a plan.

I know you all are probably sick of hearing it, but my blogs went smashing through a timewarp dimension with the Xanga Relaunch, and one of the biggies was my daily private blog. That thing is obliterated so badly that columns lie on top of one another and everything is a big fuzz of gobbledygook. No, I’m not going to make it public and show you.

By the way, it still bothers me that all my devices recognize a word like gobbledygook but I have to teach all of them to accept Batman. Anything involving twitter is especially bad for retaining new words. It’s like twitter interfaces through a stroke victim. But I digress.

Ever since I ‘lost’ my private blog I have felt lost down to the core of my soul. Every day for 9 years I typed out a couple of paragraphs about what I wanted to get done during the day, tossing in a few private jokes for the one person on the planet allowed to read it. So it’s not just the daily plan, but the daily interaction that got pulled out like a rug and shaken to bits. Oh, we can still interact on facebook messaging and whatnot, but the structure is gone and I can’t colorize my fonts and throw in cute stuff. Anyway, 9 years is a long time, and I had developed some very good habits, like succinctly organizing my thoughts, really good for the ol’ writing skillz. Don’t worry, I have it all archived, nothing is truly lost but the cool experience. That’s what I created all my blogs to be, experiences, not just more articles of blah text.

Had a big ol’ talk with Scott this morning. Part of my head mess is this time crunch. I had goals set with definite dates- 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month goals. I exceeded my 3 and 6 month goals and was surging into blowing myself away with passing my 12 month goal beyond my most uninhibited expectations. And then the Xanga Relaunch happened. No, let me put that differently. Both my daughters got pregnant, I went through a surgery and then helped with a preemie before I’d gotten even a weeks’ recovery, and THEN the Xanga Relaunch happened. I was managing to stay on track and still surprisingly accomplishing more than I planned until that relaunch. My world tailspinned this month. The move to new servers wasn’t the smooth transition I thought it would be. My content is intact, but my blogs look now like a gradeschooler made them and abandoned them and they’re saying it might still be another month or two before the ‘dust settles’. I weep in my inner emotional core while my physical face locks into stone staring at my screen. My attempts to restructure some kind of archive system is eating up great swaths of time. The fact that my first book launch was heavily based on two of my blogs about knocked me off my egomaniacal feet.

I had briefly entertained the idea of just moving my cool stuff to Blogger in the first place but thought Nah, too much work, would take too much time, just trust the Xanga, the Xanga is good. (I really did love Xanga, best blogging platform I ever played with, all kinds of freedom to be creative.) Now I’m wondering if I should at least test run moving one of my blogs over so I can reincorporate my own template. People around the world have told me how cool my blogs are (were…  ). Now I’m wondering if setting a week or two aside for reconstruction would actually be my best plan at this time.

My original plan for my first book launch was to have everything turned into the publisher by October. I’ve worked in sales, I know the seasonal heartbeat well, and it seems like a good move. It’s not critical, but it’s a good option, timing merch placement when the world comes out of the woodwork combing shops and internet for gift giving, and incidentally spending more on themselves while they’re at it. But honest assessment this week is dredging up the glum realization that there’s just no way I can pull it off now without shutting down everything else in my life for two solid weeks. EVERYTHING. I’m really good at assessment and time budgeting, despite how scattered my life looks, and I’ve actually pulled off some pretty big stuff before in my life, so I have every confidence I can do this. But at what cost? I’ve finally got my personal life in a really good place, I *like* the social interaction I’ve become accustomed to (this is a huge thing for me, I’m a natural recluse, as Lexx fans found out when I shut down all my internet stuff for a couple of years), and I really don’t want to lose my traction. Because, and this is what’s happily saving me from some pretty severe depression lately, my social networking, just playing around being myself, is actually *better* now than it was when I originally set this whole plan up. Even with the epic blog fail, even through my world crashing apart, I’m actually in a better place now than I was before the it happened.  I know! I can’t believe it, either!

 So long drawn out story even longer, I had a good talk with Scott this morning. Move the book launch. Time it with the after New Year self help and white sales. ~Use~ the manuscript work as stress relief to get me through the holidays, as distraction. But right now, do what I love doing most- working on my blogs. Give myself a little time to feverishly obsess over them in true aspie form and I will feel soooo much better. Get my little platform back under my feet and start over. I know I’m capable, I know how hard I can work. I love to work.

I hesitate to make this blog my daily plan blog because I’ve been so used to privacy, but everything else in my life has gone public, so here we go. This is Janika Banks, internet action figure, and it’s anybody’s guess what’s going to happen next. Gonna get pretty real here. For instance, this is what walks around my house during hunting season. He comes in all sweaty and strips off, never does that any other time of year. Do I get anything? No, the guy’s an ADHD blur. I keep saying I need pictures for posterity because I might develop memory problems in my old age, but does he care? No, this is the only clear picture I’ve ever been able to get, from last year. I know, those beautiful legs, right?
 photo scott2.jpg

But I’m a camera bug so going forward I’ll put pix on this blog.

Aside from that, my plan today is to CLEAN MY HOUSE. Some people stop eating and get real thin when they stress out, I rip through drawers and clean toilets. God help you if I run out of laundry, because I’ll take your clothes right off your back.

And by the way, for everyone worried about the government amassing private information on us- just try getting your GRE test scores sometime. My psychologist and I are really curious about mine because I nearly didn’t make it into grad school over a much lower than normal score. Fortunately, there were 3 sections and I scored so super high on the other two that they did go ahead and allow me in after much head scratching. After a couple of quality hours in phone calls hither and yon yesterday I finally reached the one person on the entire planet who knew how to find a notation on my alumnus account long after the test scores were tossed into the purge fires of 7-year record keeping, and I must travel in person to campus next week to look at a computer screen because there is no way they are allowed to print that info out for me at any cost. I’m going to do my best to get a picture of that on my phone. I also have no proof I ever broke my foot since a local clinic was absorbed by a regional system and anything that might have been microfiched has long gone to a dump somewhere. So I laugh when I hear people fret about the government centralizing all our information into some vast whatever. The first half of my marriage has already dissolved into the ethereal mists, and excepting for a tiny handful of documents in one building in a tiny little town, there is literally no memory of Scott and I existing on this planet beyond ten years ago. If anything, more and more of us are simply going to just disappear, despite more and more rigorous record keeping. Take heart, Amehrka, those dossiers on your lives are just busy work so someone can get paid. I can only hope that the government kept records of my original blogs, because I am so sad that they got smashed up.

I’ll just mRpl my way through like I always do.

:edit: 9-29-13 I know, I combed this obsessively for errors and missed the grievous error in the title… Victor, not Victore. Sorry about that.