Mind Control

I still lurk around the ‘fear’ fringes when the mood strikes. It used to be a lot harder to find stuff about *cough* masonry *cough* and all its crazy connections around the world through time, like a giant web, but now that it’s more fashionable to discuss it openly, I have fun skating across the riskier parts of the pond to see if I’ll fall in. Internet thrill sports, as it were.

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I like Lady Gaga, she’s weird and aggressive and she got game. She’s the sort of person you can model from with questions like- What would I be willing to do, how far would I be willing to go to get fill in the blank? I’ve ventured further into some quests than many people I know, and a lot of it was me being willing to risk losing over and over in order to win.

Last night I wondered what Lady Gaga would answer if someone asked her what the lyrics to Venus meant, and I wound up in some pretty wild places. I love wild places. This one is my favoriteIt reviews a different song, but explains a lot. I have no idea if it’s true or not, but it reads like the coolest Hollywood reveal movie you ever saw. Among the many thoughts and questions that popped into my mind reading it was “So THAT’S what the monarch was all about in Under The Dome?”

If you liked that and want more, scroll down to just above the comments and there is a list of related articles and the taglady gaga, which will take you to more.

I’m not promoting Lady Gaga, and I’m not a ‘vigilant citizen’, but I’ve had my own brushes with mind control, mostly via other people’s experiences. Mind control is not a new thing. It’s all around us. Even if you are a free citizen who gets to decide where you work, what you eat, how you recreate, and pay in some form for your own place to sleep, you are still embedded in a society of mind control. Yeah, I know, you think I’m talking about big corporate and commercials, sellsellsell. Or political propaganda slamming our eyeballs at every turn. Money and fear turn the world faster than anything, and it’s so easy to get caught up in money and fear. But that’s not what I mean.

Someone you know is living in an abusive situation and either can’t escape or is afraid to escape. That is mind control.

Someone you know knows someone who has gone missing into the underworld of human trafficking, which has grown exponentially along with world markets. That is mind control.

Someone on your street or at your work or even in your church is tangled up with something illegal and living two lives. That is mind control.

Someone you know grew up being ‘punished’ into certain behaviors, and someone else you know is obsessed with evil symbolism, and someone else you know likes to toy with making people react over words that pull all the right strings in all the wrong places. These are all mind control.

Mind control is a real thing. I’ve met people who have gone through programming from childhood and escaped, I’ve met people who run underground organizations, and I know several families who’ve lost loved ones to the mists- just vanished. Nice People are not immune. Nice People sometimes believe in a much bigger cause and future than you can imagine. You being distracted by commercials and the news is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

So, back to VenusI don’t care one way or another about all the big symbolism and the shocking reveals. My question is- If Lady Gaga’s whole career is a big ongoing reveal about the dark side of the industry and the sacrifice she made getting into it, if her entire career is about this story, then why is it being told? IF she really went through monarch programming  (pick and choose from those articles, it’s fascinating, I’m rather fond of this one), why is the programming being revealed? As an unfolding story, no less.

I’m the sort of person who ‘broke free’ from in the box thinking at a fairly young age in a very restrictive environment. My kind of breaking free was cognitive- my parents were ultra conservative and I’m a big scifi fan. There is way more to it, but unless you’ve lived in an emotionally and mentally restrictive environment, you have no idea what freedom really is. The freedom to think one’s own thoughts is very dear to me, a thing I stand up for daily, and even though mine is a tiny little story compared to this one, at least I stand with open eyes among closed eyes all around me.

My next question is- did Lady Gaga pursue programming in order to win, or was she born into people who already knew how to track her toward this goal? I have utter respect for anyone who goes into programming with a purpose and comes out accomplishing their goals, but I would never hand my mind over to someone and let them take charge of my thoughts. On the other hand, I have absolutely no respect for any industry or religion that programs children. Several religions (aka industry covers) that I know of program children from birth.

I love this video, it’s delightfully pink. And I don’t care if it’s a reveal or just a story, because it’s weird and creepy, and I can’t help watching it. (I wonder why they show Hello Kitty…)

“I feel free.”

Anyone familiar with 1984 knows what these are, right? Doublespeak , Doublethink 

I’m understanding now why I’ve been fascinated with her for several years. I’m understanding as I get older why I’ve been so fascinated with mind control most of my life. And I understand what this means. If something isn’t a secret any more, it’s no longer a conspiracy. If something is known, it’s part of life. If something is shown as successful, it’s a signal to new buyers.

Think about that.

One last question- what programming would you choose? If you had a choice between being a commodity and being a tool or weapon before your brain was stripped out and remade, which would you choose? I keep saying the brain chips are coming…

And now I understand my fascination with Kai.
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