Stalking Mike Bilinski, 101

So you’re a twitter noob from the Heartland and running into all kinds of hard core fun stuffs, and one crazy evening on the twitters you chance across a creepy looking/sounding guy from Big City, East Coast on a radio show recording being live tweeted by fans and go woah…  photo monkey05.gif

You get this wonderfully creepy chill up your spine when you see him use a doll head as a flask on Snarkalec Radio

and it instantly reminds you of the same cool nasty little shock you got when you first noticed the doll heads Nadia G had sitting around shelves and in her fridge on Bitchin Kitchen when you checked out the Food Network.

and you want moar….

Addiction to creepy sparkles going up your spine is pleasantly rewarded when you dig around. Start with Michael Bilinski on IMDB and eventually from there you migrate on to his myspace page. But. you. want. more. So you keep digging and run into this little gem when you type Pagan into your search bar. Click it to go to the page that has the article link.

Before long you think Ah, maybe he’s on facebook…

Pagan on facebook

Michael Bilinski on facebook

And next thing you know, you’re creepin all over his radio station facebook

and dotcom.

Then you think Hey, I wanna go back and watch some of the shows he’s already been in, so you dig up his vimeo channel

and then start marathoning through the old Snarkalec Radio channel on youtube

and THEN you think you’re gonna just DIE if you don’t get the t-shirt… (click it).

Mike’s a sweetheart, you get to check out his music. Click the pic to arrive at the latest sample.

You can keep up with Mike’s articles in the Underground Music in Philadelphia section of and be sure to follow him on twitter and watch for links to the live recordings he is usually doing every week.

Zombie Robot Radio

A lot of people say they don’t remember their dreams, but I vividly remember my dreams in minute detail, thanks to a sleep disorder called Alpha Wave Interrupted Sleep. Suddenly coming awake fully alert during a REM sequence for me is like screen snipping an HD DVD playing in my laptop, it freezes the action and impresses it like a video onto my brain, with the perk of being able to roll it back and forth through the action because brains are better screen snippers than laptop hard drives are.

My diagnosis was a little too spectacular, literally being booted out of a sleep clinic a few years ago for not sleeping, but thankfully the 4 hours I did spend there were productive enough to be told later in a doctor’s office that I have some pretty solid alpha-delta wave crashes. The lab tech was a little cranky, something about sleeping only 20 minutes and wasting their time, but that was probably exaggerated. Wonder what it does to their brain waves to sit and stare at a monitor expectantly waiting for something to happen with my brain waves. I could never get through a job like that, I’d go mental in a week flat.

 photo sleep004.jpg

At any rate, I’m living proof that sleep deprivation doesn’t necessarily kill you or make you crazy (my siblings mock that part), having been like this all of my life, but the remembering the dreams part sure makes it more interesting. O_O Like popping awake to this one today. Some radio jock was yapping catchy  “Listen Live” commentary behind what was like watching a TV movie and being in it at the same time. Creepy and spooky are good words for coming home to things being moved around, sometimes shattered or thrown across the floors, new items showing up, discovering doors being unlocked upon arriving home, signs of violence and possibly death but too much missing evidence to conclude what happened. And then waking up to stuff having happened while we were asleep. And then discovering a disturbed nephew had moved his vagrant self into our house behind our backs and seemed to think he owned the place now, and realizing it was clearly a matter of time before we would be executed and cleared out as junk after police discovered another house where that had already happened. I was up to the point in the dream where Scott and I were planning our escape in two different vehicles kind of blocked in the driveway (btw, this wasn’t my real house at all, I have no idea where all this new stuff comes from in my head, because my own driveway would have been ridiculously easy to get out of), and I was terrified that I’d left my phone behind and wouldn’t be able to contact Scott because he evidently hadn’t escaped behind me…. The sudden waking up part made the running “Listen Live” commentary more prominent and it kept playing for about a minute while I boinged out of bed to get coffee.

The neat part of sleep deprivation and remembering your dreams is getting to figure out what inspired the dreams, like having an inbuilt daily puzzle to solve. They say dreams help us build neural pathways (my brain must be *packed*) and organize information. The content doesn’t seem to be that important, but I can usually pinpoint where the bits and pieces come from. Last night’s dream’s inspirations came from a local murder-suicide event (people we sort of knew), my penchant for listening to internet radio and podcasts, and skimming through The Walking Dead preshow warm up and live tweet commentary in my twitter feed in the wee hours between the tossing and turning. I know it doesn’t come from watching the zombie shows themselves, as you can imagine, I avoid live tense drama shows (especially with mutilation and blood) because my nightmares already get pretty horrific as it is, and remembering them as vividly as I do makes me feel pretty ill, really don’t need outside prompts triggering more images, although the stuff I come up with in my dreams seems to far outstrip anything I’ve ever seen on television. (I disturbed my psychologist with one in particular that prompted a discussion on becoming the next Stephen King, perhaps.) Point is, I LOVE spoilers because they dissipate that kind of tension and I don’t watch the shows anyway, so radio is my first choice for anything zombie.

This pic clicks to that feed list I mentioned.

 photo twdfeed.jpg

I’ve been making private zombie jokes about older relatives and especially ever since Scott revealed his zombie escape plan to me about 15 months ago during a scary bout of heat exhaustion prompted vasculitis and mega meds, and of course, Scott is a devoted Walking Dead fan, so I get reports on his water cooler yap from work all the time. I also get some pretty hilarious blow by blow commentary on the We’re Alive podcast along with Walking Dead stuff from SnarkAlec Radio. Actually, that’s why I listen to podcast/internet radio commentary, because it’s so funny I can’t help listening, and between that and twitter I think probably beats watching the shows myself anyway. I’m able to keep up with the TV fandoms in great shape, only sacrificing actual watch time, plus I get a whole new set of real time interaction that beats watching Talking Dead because it’s more personally touchable via live tweet, whereas Talking Dead is just a specialized talk show. Don’t get me wrong, me and Chris Hardwick go way back, but admiring from afar doesn’t hold a cool scented candle to being able to interact in real time with a whole group of hard core zombie addicts on the SnarkAlecs Radio show on the Loud N’ Loaded station. These pictures click to the recorded shows on Tony Solo’s YouTube channel.

Tony Solo holding up a dried up ‘wound’ that fell off the previous week during the Halloween show and petrified.

 photo 36wha.jpg

From the Halloween show

 photo 35verifyGeraldWebb.jpg

And if you’d rather watch gurlz doing zombie talk there is Bring Out Your Geek, with back videos at Yeung Jeans’s Videos on Vimeo, and more likely to add in the finer points of Doctor Who, pinterest, Quinto… you know, the good stuff. This pic clicks to the webishow page.

 photo geek.jpg

You don’t have to miss out on the zombie craze just because you don’t like looking at zombies or because they give you nightmares. You can join in the fun with real people, follow them on facebook and twitter, and yap it up like a pro because you’re keeping up with the commentary.

The Nerdist Score- ‘aspie spoonie Lexx fan on a mission’ assessment

It’s been a little over a year since I came out about my real life and wrote my article about how Chris Hardwick’s The Nerdist Way got me started down the right path to evil villain success, following that up through the winter and spring with a couple of assessments about the progress I was making. Over the summer I got scattered in the impending Xanga relaunch wind, but now it’s time to see where I’m at.

Last year around this time I had come through eight weeks of physical therapy for severe lower back pain and extensive nerve involvement affecting various functions and was starting to regularly visit a fitness center to build core strength. I started out on a NuStep barely pulling about ten minutes at work level 2 or 3. Seriously, that was all I could do, but after several years of severe illness and consequent weakness and immobility, that was actually pretty good. Over the winter and spring I managed to increase my workload and workout length and add a couple of machines, even through a lupus flare up. I did another eight weeks of physical therapy through the spring and added more workout machines, and then sixteen more weeks through end of summer and early fall where we were able to identify how I trigger waves of severe fibro lasting several days using certain machines, even at the lightest workloads and a handful of reps, so I was told NOT to use those machines (my muscle tone is quite excellent, thanks to the continual kinetic working out the fibromyalgia puts me through, so I’ve been commanded to stay focused on core strength, flexibility, and mobility). At present I am able to pull 20 minutes on a NuStep at workload 5 or 6 (depending on how I’m feeling) doing 20 more steps per minute than I could several months ago, and afterward tool around town running errands, carry in groceries, and then work on easy chores through the rest of my day. I never dreamed I’d be this capable again. I still have a time limit with the chronic fatigue before I hit my wall, so I’m still pretty limited to driving only as necessary. Once I hit my wall, my brain falls out and I make very poor decisions in traffic (any aspie and spoonie would know that driving in inclement weather or in the darkness decreases the time I have left till I splat all over that wall). On days I stay home I can easily brisk walk for about 30 minutes now, which is sweet since 4 years ago I was having to use a motor cart to get my shopping done because I could barely walk at all.

In the meantime, I’ve been perplexing several doctors with an all new thing going on, which I finally talked about at spaz: Agrajag. It’s still going on, very weird, but I’m hoping that the ‘numbness’ I feel nearly all over my body sometimes now (starts with my head) is just my nervous system going through a sort of shock from my pain level being so drastically lowered, because all anyone can agree on at present is dysesthesia, which I try not to think about as terrifying, given CNS lupus (but I have to keep in mind all the occipital, trigeminal, and cervical nerve damage I’ve been through, so this might actually be ‘normal’. I honestly haven’t known what normal feels like since I rolled the car when I was 19.) I still get pretty good pain levels that some people would probably think is a ten on the pain scale (the pain scale is objective and relative, this isn’t a contest!), but it’s so much nicer than my nervous system continuously screaming at me that I’m almost happy about it and don’t mind much. Still, it’s very ‘unnerving’.

The problem with this new sensation stuff is that I can trigger these numby sensations a little too easily by working out too much without enough rest in between. I hit a big wall this week, so I’ve got to back off again and let it all settle back down, because the last thing I want is an inflammation flare up in my brain (vasculitis caused by lupus flare, the brain is Nerve Central, as it were). I may be in the best health of my adult life now as a 30 year lupus survivor, but that doesn’t mean I can do whatever I please and get away with it, and I sure don’t want to find out the hard way! Now that I’m having more energy, it’s hard reigning myself in on days I feel more fantastic than usual.

So right now I’m staying focused on plenty of rest and water, good nutrition, yes I take vitamins and a magnesium supplement (no herbal supplements, I have allergic reactions to too many things, sorry), and staying busy with fun stuff so I won’t feel depressed with thinking about this weird numby stuff. There’s no reason right now to think this is a bad thing (it’s been going on for months with nothing getting worse), and I’m actually very thrilled I passed a treadmill stress test with flying colors earlier this month. Even the cardiologist couldn’t believe it given my age and medical history, so THANK YOU CHRIS HARDWICK.

In other assessment, my Lexx blogging has come to a standstill while I wait to see where the Xanga dust settles (as they call it) before I put more work into it, and my first book launch timetable has undergone a schedule revamp because the blogs are a mess, and with holidays coming and cold weather spiking a few problems for me, I’m just rolling with what comes. It’s helping a great deal that SnarkAlec Radio is keeping me on a schedule of sorts. I’m the kind of person who needs a schedule from an outside source to keep my own stuff on track better, helps me pace myself mentally and physically. It’s also helping a LOT to have twitter buddies so I don’t sink into an emotional lethargy being a hermit. If you’re struggling with disability and feeling a little lost, I really recommend getting a twitter account so you can feel like you’re part of the world in real time.

I still have really big plans. I’m contracted for two books to start with, have several more in the queue, have discussed a podcast idea with several people, and of course I still intend to build the largest Lexx film study on the internet. Takes time. As you can imagine I really don’t watch a lot of TV, but my fave shows right now are It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Continuum, Once Upon a Time, Key and Peele, Strangest Weather On Earth, The Big Bang Theory, Tosh.0, and I’m waiting for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. Scott watches all the rest- The Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels, Revolution, Arrow, Grimm, Defiance, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.The Tomorrow People, Sleepy Hollow, and I’m sure I missed a couple. We both watch Person of Interest, Falling Skies, and Under The Dome. Scott’s shows are stacking up in the DVR because he works around the clock and watches only an hour of TV on weeknights most of the time. I’m sure we’ll catch up over the holidays, unless he gets lost in Legend of Zelda again. And through it all I’m still filling up my stack of spirals.

Oh yeah, one more assessment. I haven’t been able to read very well since 2004 when a virus first hit my brain and screwed up more nerve stuff with my eyes, but this month I flew through a novel in about 3 days flat for the first time in years without getting eye strain, and last night I drove home in the dark without getting nasty shooting pains through my eyes every time light hit them. I’ve noticed I’m more easily reading black and white on my monitor, too, so this is icing on my assessment cake. There was a time I thought I’d be going blind (not that uncommon with lupus) and even prayed to if only the pain would go away.

So in spite of how this all looks, I’m having a truly fabulous year, I’m enjoying so much more than I use to be able to, and I’m looking forward (pleasepleaseplease) to more improvement over the coming year. I think the key to it all is holistic health and psychoneuroimmunology, which I’ve been working real hard on. Years on pills never made me better, it only jacked me up enough to keep me working till I crashed completely. I think the question is How badly do I want to feel better? What am I willing to do to feel better? What kind of commitment am I willing to make? This year has been a real grind, 32 weeks of vigorous deep tissue therapy, getting my workouts in at the very least once a week but usually 3 times a week no matter how rough I feel or what the weather is like (I have to commute to a fitness center, I’m way out of town), keeping my shopping done so I’ll have good food to eat instead of junk, and definitely making myself do something nice or useful every single day for someone else. Feeling good about being here on this earth is crucial, and I have to work at it every day, it doesn’t come easily to me.

So where will I be this time next year? I’m *hoping* I’ve got the publishing ball rolling and my blogs all fixed by then. I have no idea if I’ll make any money, but who cares! Main thing is I’ll be splatting my brain all over you guys, a sport I truly love and get joy from. My long term goal is to make it to Ireland someday. Need the money and need the health. Working on it.  

I love this guy.  This song cracks me up because I used to be so medicated I was as wasted as anybody can get all the time. I’m clean now, no meds. At all. I’m biwinning!

And for the MerLexxians, thanx for stopping by!  Everybody knows when my twitter feed fills up with Bradley I’m getting through a rough day, may as well enjoy it!

This continues at The Nerdist Wayfarer.