the teflon scare / ban thingy

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I keep bumping into how teflon and all things related are going to be squelched out of existence in 2015. Actually, this has been in discussion for at least 9 years, so I’ve had this plan to grab a new set of cookware at the end of 2014 during Christmas sales just in case. It arrived yesterday.

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I’m one of those really picky people who read instructions, so my pans last a long time. My old set is over ten years old. I’ve never used higher than medium heat on nonstick pans, plus the correct utensils, and I wash them correctly so they don’t get scratched up. I grew up with cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel (and have been doing the dishes since I was 7 years old- seriously), so I really appreciate nonstick pans. I’ve tried the new Orgreenic and ceramic skillets, and while, yes, they are decent enough cookware, they don’t live up to their claims. Haven’t tried the titanium yet, but there’s a big marketing issue going on around those, and I’m reading that true titanium without the nonstick snuck onto it is a nightmare. Yes, I’ve also used Pyrex and Corningware, for some reason they both explode around me (this has been witnessed, it’s called spontaneous shatter and it’s very weird and terrifying and for some reason has been happening around me for decades to the point where I don’t dare keep glassware in the house). Silicon is too expensive & flimsy, baking stones are too heavy, I could go on, but basically nonstick cookware has been the easiest thing for a chronic person like me to live with and handle.

In case you have never heard of this ban that supposedly is about to happen, here is a list of links to peruse. They don’t all agree on the facts, some are pushing other product, most are undoubtedly scarier than they need to be unless you’re one of those people who consistently cranks your nonstick up on higher heat, but it’s a start. If you guys love nonstick and will be sad if it goes away, now is the time to jump on acquiring it while you still can.

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