Are you a robot?

T- Pinky is still waiting for me to ask her if she is a robot.

D- well, why won’t you ask Pinky if she’s a robot then?

T- its the worlds greatest pickup line and she’s married, it would be scandalous.

P- I’m in existential crisis today. I may or may not be a robot.

T- So are you a Robot?

The entire conversation took roughly about 15 hours because it was on twitter and I had to think about it, and I never really answered the question.

From Cyborg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“According to some definitions of the term, the metaphysical and physical attachments humanity has with even the most basic technologies have already made them cyborgs.”

At 3:37 a.m. this morning I bifurcated into Schrodinger’s messy kitteh dilemna. Is the cat alive or dead? Am I a robot or not? The world’s greatest pickup line threw me right out of spacetime and I’ve spent my day sort of crash floating through philosophical giggles that I can barely translate into an explanation to my own self.

 photo robotkitty.jpg

So I’m in two states of mind. Spock and Spongebob went to their respective corners and came out duking at the bell. Because if I’m a robot, what does that mean? I say I’m ready for the brain implants, but I’d really miss the crazy chemicals surging around my brain coils like tron bikes, because my horoscope was right on track this morning.

 photo horoscope2.jpg

 photo horoscope1.jpg

Just yesterday I had briefly flirted with the idea of a writing challenge around synchronicity and forwent it for yapping on twitter instead.

 photo timetravelphone.jpg

So I was already primed for today to happen. I’ve been angsting about Xanga and my book launch and so many other things going on this last year that it was a pleasure to angst over being asked the world’s greatest pickup line today. The thrill of someone taking a little time to point a nerf gun at me on twitter and ping my head a few times through the day was intoxicating.

 photo angsting.jpg

But the real question is the subtext. Am I a robot? I’m not sure the answer is as important as playing into the word ‘scandalous’, which for some reason has made today really fun and funny and ricocheted me back through several years of sweet memories- what I wouldn’t give to find a copy of the long lost Willy Wonka (CATCF) version of this song on youtube.

T- So are you a Robot?

P- it *is* the world’s greatest pickup line.

T- so are you?

P- stepping carefully around ‘scandalous’ which by ur definition earlier just happened, but I’m really enjoying it, so what the heck

REALLY enjoying it…

The last time I felt like this was 2007. The memory will always consume me, the only memory in my life that truly consumes me almost daily, even now. My only recourse is to get it written out of my soul, just get dirty and deal with the deeply twisted concepts of life and love and the razor claws of pseudo fate that rip our avatars into lies.

This time I will be okay.

:edit: 11-4-13 This continues….

 photo EQ1.jpg

 photo EQ2.jpg

 photo EQ3.jpg

 photo EQ4.jpg

You can click the next one to get to that facebook post.

 photo pinky5-2.jpg

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