bioelectricity- evidence that we are someone else’s Sims

I am one of those people who can’t wear watches because I kill them. My dad is even worse- if he stops at a store desk with a computer on it to talk shop, the monitor starts to fuzz and glitch. All my life I’ve been extremely shock prone to the point where I close car doors with my feet, touch metal with cloth first, and even go out of my way to get some part of me wet just to hold down the zapping. The worst zaps have been in Walmart, of all places, zaps up my arms and neck that hurt quite badly just from touching a cart or a shelf. I shocked burrito the other day kissing her on the lips, what a not cool surprise that was.  One time I shocked Scott on the lips so badly that both our faces hurt. We thought it was funny when we were younger, scooting our socks around the carpet and zapping the crap out of each other with just a fingertip. Sometimes we didn’t even have to actually touch to zap.


I’m very tired of being an electromagnetically supercharged person all the time. I’ve been growing my hair out again for the first time in years, and my hair magically lifts up and wraps around my face like fingers while I’m walking and seems to reach for food as it’s going into my mouth. This morning I woke up in a static haze and spent a few very weird minutes locating a single fine hair that had snaked into and around my eyeball in my sleep. Don’t ask me how, I’m not a wiggly sleeper. My eyes are gooey enough with allergies from living in the woods without my hair encouraging more ooze.

I used to worry that there was something spooky wrong with me, and you can find all kinds of articles about the causes of static electricity build up in the human body from paranormal to neurotoxins to chronic illnesses like lyme disease that one person purports align all the little poles in your cells in one direction and turn you into an ionic super flow conductor. Truth is, a LOT of people get this problem, and if you pay attention, animals have this problem too. Electricity is just part of our existence and it moves freely through all of us all the time. Electrical fields are part of the building blocks of the universe we live in.

Always Getting Zapped by Static Electricity? It’s a Real Condition

Do some people have more static electricity in their bodies  

Are you Hyper Electro Sensitive ? (looks like fibromyalgia might have a cause?)

Zap It! Reducing the Shock of Static Electricity

Static Electricity and People (best advice)

If you read all that, you probably have the same problem or you are keenly interested in free roaming electricity, like me.  

Background information for Electricity

You don’t have to be bothered with static shocks to have an electrical problem, keeping in mind that our atmosphere is always in a state of ionic flux that gets more intense as weather patterns merge.

Headache and Migraine Trigger: Weather

Do headaches worsen with weather? –

And this isn’t limited to headaches, as anyone who has a trick knee can tell when the snow is about to start falling. Our bodies are very tuned in to the invisible field that keeps our world glued together. We feel weird around high EMS fields in our homes as documented by paranormal researchers, get cancer (purportedly) when we live near high voltage power lines and stations, and feel dizzy and elated around crop circles and calmer around ley lines as reported by observers. Feng shui is the art of living in collaboration with the natural ‘flow’ of the world, which is all ultimately governed by electricity.

I’ve done a whole lot of thinking about all this and decided years ago before The Matrix was even a twinkle in the Wachowski’s eyes that we are 3D versions of Mario and every other electronic game you’ve played. Everything we think is ‘solid’ is an electromagnetic construction of patterns that either block or enhance our body patterns. We can’t walk through walls any more than Mario can. Even more, I was thrilled a few years ago when I first ran into the hologram theory in physics (I’m a physics bug), the idea being that what we are experiencing may not be what we think it is at all, which goes hand in hand with the concept of our awareness simply being a ‘plug in’, like you might see in the movie Surrogates.

Is our universe a hologram? Physicists believe we live in a projection

A Thin Sheet of Reality: The Universe as a Hologram (lengthy video)

This leads us to question what is reality and does brain perception make something a reality, so here you go.

Your Mind Makes It Real – Television Tropes & Idioms aka we don’t die in our sleep, obviously.

The Neuroscience of Your Brain on Fiction – aka metaphors in *any* form can be perceived as a real thing inside your brain because it is constructed that way.

But what does this have to do with bioelectricity, you ask? Our little jaunt into the scientific philosophies of reality perception (I love this age we live in) depend on electricity, which actually has a measurable dimension in terms of its action -> Amps, Volts, Watts, Ohms. We perceive that we live in a 3D world with boundaries, but if you think about this long enough, we can’t prove we are actually IN a 3D world. We experience it like a 3D world, but so do Mario and Neo. The only difference with them is that we don’t see electricity interacting with them corporeally like it does with my hair coming to weird life snaking around my face on a windy day, even though I am inside my house.

I have done all this straight out of bed on two cups of coffee without any breakfast. I feel like I’m done. If you got excited and have more links for me, by all means put them into comments.  Unless you are spam. You wouldn’t believe the spam I’m getting already on this blog. To the person who asked for a contact email, I don’t do that any more. If you have something to say, put it into comments or find other ways to contact me through the plethora of social media pages I have published, thanx. Other people getting excited and trying to give me SEO suggestions, thanx, I’m getting my breakfast now.

One thought on “bioelectricity- evidence that we are someone else’s Sims

  1. Since our brains run on electrical impulses, I wonder if studies have been done meauring amperage or voltage or whatever of neurotypical folks vs non-neurotypical. It might be in one of your links above but I’m reading this when I should be working so have to keep this short.

    Also, Free Roaming Electricity is a great band name 🙂


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