Garden Party

Things flying so fast and hard on twitter, not a clue who made this cool thing.

Hello Russia.

I remember the first time another country hit my first Lexx blog. It was China at a time when China was so restricted that they had to hack just to see the rest of the world at all. Someone very thoroughly went page by page, post by post on my Lexx blog at very regular intervals, and I wondered if they were copy/pasting my entire blog over to a blog inside their own country. You wanna know how Lexx really affected the world? That right there. That show was so powerful that people risked severe punishment just to get more information on it.

No idea why people comb through pinky blog but that’s ok. The whole blog is kinda like a big hug in the dark.

And hello UK. I thought this might be Romania again, but I guess I got another link push.

Twitter is a battleground. Q said hold the line. 

From Q drops.

Digital warriors ready. 
Surrender to None [‘Digital Battleground’]. 

Memes prep. 
Music prep. 

Use ‘topic’ as target practice. 
Test your strengths. 
Know your weaknesses. 


General Flynn posted on Parler.

Basically, with many in the qanon ranks talking about a mass exodus to Parler, our General and Q are both saying get your backup accounts ready but stay on the battlefield, figure out how to handle it, and keep getting information out to people who don’t have it yet. A lot of newbies who signed onto twitter to be Trump trains and whatever don’t have a clue that twitter is one of the biggest world archives with timestamps, and that EVERYTHING going to twitter is recorded by NSA. All the backlash, all the fighting, all the pompous trolling, every bit of that is on permanent record. The real battleground is the court system. Yeah, think about that one.

Do you understand now why Trump trolls Jack? And Jack said the war is on this week by censoring one of Trump’s tweets. Well guess what. I’m faster at screenshotting than Jack is at auto censoring.

I shared some information yesterday on a couple social medias, now I’ll share here.

The “Federal Republic” that Mr. Trump keeps talking about is a subcontractor of the American Confederacy established in 1781.

The Union of States created the Federation of States called The United States of America and the member States of the Federation created the Confederation of the States of America. There is a logic here.

The (e)states claimed by the former Colonies had to be extended to the international land jurisdiction and formed as States, these States then created a Federation to enable them to act as one entity in international affairs, and then each State formed a “State of State” to do business for them, and these “States of States” were then included as members of the original Confederation formed in March of 1781.

Six years later, it was decided to structure the business affairs by issuing three Constitutions, one each for three “Federal” Subcontractors, that would supplement the government in much the same way that we hire plumbers, electricians and architects.

The Federal subcontractors were the States of America, the British Territorial Government, and the Roman Municipal Government.

So the original Confederation doing business as the States of America was the Federal Subcontractor operating the Federal Republic.

When the original Confederation was split apart over Lincoln’s election, so was the Federal Republic.

One cannot restore the Federal Republic without restoring the Confederation, and one cannot reconstruct or resurrect the Confederation without first summoning the actual States into Session.

Why? Because the actual States are the only ones who can form the American States of States needed to restore the Federal Government.

1, 2, 3 — American States give rise to American States of States, and to their Confederation, which runs the American part of the Federal Government known as the Federal Republic.

Florida creates The State of Florida, and then The State of Florida as a member of the Confederation participates in running the Federal Republic.

That’s the way it is supposed to work.

The largest part of the Federal Government is supposed to be under the direction of these American States of States, not British Territorial States of States, and not Municipal STATES OF STATES, either.

You can see that in the documents and in the history and in the Reconstruction Acts and after all, it only makes common sense, that if the American States were going to hand out juicy services contracts, the Lion’s Share should go to their own business entities —not foreign interests.

And so it was, right up until the Civil War, when everything went ballywhump.

The Reconstruction of our Confederation and, secondarily, the reconstruction of the Federal Government Republic, has been left hanging since the Civil War, simply because we were never fully informed of the circumstance.

We didn’t act, because we were duped into thinking that everything was already done. The British Government moved in and without full disclosure, installed British Territorial States of States to replace the American versions, as an “emergency” measure.

The only difference that Joe Q. Public could observe was a subtle name change from “The State of Maine” for example, to “the” State of Maine.

The British Territorial Government and their cohorts in the Roman Municipal Government dba “the” United States have been collusively usurping upon their Employers ever since 1937, under the terms of an agreement known as “The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States”.

And the American People were never told a word about it. Nothing was said. Nothing was taught about it in the schools. It has taken 150 years and horrific abuses for us to waken from our slumber, evaluate the situation, and take effective action.

We stand ready to help Mr. Trump and his cohorts in the Military to restore the Federal Republic as an American enterprise, not a British one. And we point out that Federal Citizens, whether U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States, don’t have the correct political standing to do the job of Reconstruction.

Only Americans who reclaim their birthright political status as State Citizens can act as the People who designed and who have the power to restore both the States of America Confederation and the Federal Republic.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) is still here, our States and People are still here, and we are the only lawful government still standing on this Continent. We are not bankrupt and we are not absent.

We are the only beings on this planet with the lawful standing to Reconstruct the States of America and the Federal Republic, and now that we finally know what needs to be done, we have assembled to do the job that should have been done in 1865.

The United States Military is asked to review the fact that they owe their oath and allegiance to the States and People of America, their actual Employers, and that they are supposed to be acting under the direction of our civilian government — not at the behest of fellow subcontractors and lobbyists.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that Lincoln’s assassination might have been a cover or distraction to keep that legal paperwork dangling without anyone questioning, and that the civil war was possibly co-opted by outsiders to gain leverage over the U.S.

Trump had the Queen (Crown) sign something last summer that released us from this mess. Then the queen allowed Trump to walk in front of her (I about fell over when I saw those pix) reviewing her troops. I nearly screamed when I saw that, I knew we were still under the Crown. Very few people seemed to know that.

Also, NESARA law is now in effect.

The new banking procedures were under the rule of Constitutional Law under the Restored Republic. Constitutional Law under the Republic began to be implemented two months ago (from May 1 2020 onward) and Constitutional Law has just begun to be implemented among the banks and their procedures that would be affecting you at your appointment (nothing to dread – it’s all good).

This weekend the main thing the RV teams have been aggressively working on was getting everything executed that was tied to the final exchange procedures – that in turn were tied to a sequence of priority accounts that must be flushed forward (exact payouts at current USN rate being made into those accounts in order to be ready to start paying downline redemptions / exchanges). Everyone attached to payouts has been going through either processing, settlements, closings, or getting a state of liquidity in order to be ready for the start.

Last week even though everything has been moving forward very quickly, there was a series of issues that the RV teams had to work through including issues related to Covid-19 travel restrictions nationally and internationally that were now largely resolved.

Last week the banks had a series of meetings on the transition from the old SWIFT system to the Global Payment System for Cross Border International Payments (CIPS, Real Time Processing System, the Digital Ledgering System).

Now the Quantum Financial System (QFS) has complete transparency of financial transactions. The old Deep State SWIFT system limitations have been removed. Digital gold-backed currencies were now driving the new system.

The banks and RV teams have been working hard to make sure everything was safe for each individual currency holder using the QFS.

The banks were now compliant with GESARA / NESARA standards to make banking completely safe for us (which was radically different than the old Deep State dominated banking system practices).

The Know-Your-Customer procedures that you would be taken through at your appointment intake was to protect all parties (the bank and you) from all fraud.

The banks were working like tightly controlled utility companies with complete transparency and honesty (so different than the past banking Deep State criminal and terrorist activities we all know so well).

The rules attached to GESARA were now attached to banking protocols that you would encounter at your appointment intake (where you give two pieces of identity and would be asked know-your-customer questions to verify that you were who you say you were, etc).

Are you understanding that all this distraction is to keep you all from learning what is really going on with the world flip away from global banking to GESARA debt forgiveness? Are you understanding that the riots and BLM and emotional triggering and continual mainstream media coverage are to keep your attention away from finding out we’ve all been duped this entire time by the richest people on the planet playing us like fools?

And now, after decades of planning, the Alliance has gotten 209 countries on board with purging the super elite from our debt slavery lives.

This has never happened before in human history. We are watching live warfare taking back our FREEDOM inch by inch over the last 3 years, and they don’t want you to see it.

Just a reminder that child sex slavery is the biggest money maker on the planet, over drug and weapons sales. Yes, the governments covering that up for all our lives are now complying with GESARA and starving out the super elite. 

They no longer own the money.

Message to everyone who signed up for Trump rally tickets on Tik-Tok to sabotage Trump- you guys really need to wake up.

Click to youtube to read the description. How many more people have to die covering up the truth.

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