backup- the social psychology of hate camps

Started this last night in bed when I couldn’t fall asleep.

Discovering cool things in a really old playlist I don’t remember making.

Oh, just discovered blogger lets me link my own vids directly from youtube. I should be playing around more.

I set the sizing for my laptop. Sorry if it screws up on your phone.

Had one of those mixup days where I had the day wrong all afternoon and Scott had to correct me when he got home from work. That hasn’t happened in several months. Noticed it seems linked to mood crash, another thing that hasn’t happened about the same length of time. Wondering now if it’s a derealization sort of episode. I was thinking about processing last year’s hard stuff and I guess the day kind of fell over after that, and I had a headache for awhile. I’m fine again now. Scott coming home helped. Now that I’m wording it out, I’m not remembering it that much.

Oh, well. Back to youtube. 😀

Dang it, the youtube widget still won’t search out a playlist. *shakes fist at blogger*

I love fans. Sploit says she misses Pinky. I think we all miss Pinky. I don’t think Pinky is ready to come back out yet. She tried making a new blog today and it was dismal, so she deleted it. I’m cheering her up.

Ha, I wasn’t even noticing the view counts. Like my Sherlock playlists have 3 times the traffic of my Lady Gaga playlists. 😂 This one surprised me, I never thought to even check it.

Aaaand my joker/oswald list beats out Sherlock, easily twice the traffic.

Wow, I can’t believe I never check that stuff.


Good morning. Busy day, pick up my online grocery shopping in a bit, stuff.

Before I finally turned off last night I saw this playlist I shared 20 days ago had 184 views, which I found surprising, since other playlists in that thread were forcibly taken down by technocratic mass mind control freaks, and then the tweet got quickly buried into the past. Lurkers rock.

And this morning, a new vid (origin??) dropped, like a documentary of mass mind experimentation over the years through programming, education, and politics, and my bachelor of science in sociology degree was intensely piqued. Very up to date, very damning. I made sure I downloaded a backup in case it gets removed. Caution, this is a disturbing video, all the moreso because it’s real. The most disturbing part is how easily people are manipulated across all these situations.

Bullying as a device to reform conformity isn’t a very healthy approach to finding solutions… 🤔 and yet here we are. Until you see the bullying demo’d, you really can’t appreciate the way we are all pushed into our individual corners like … cowards.

We should ALL be standing up for our rights to be autonomous people with intact dignities. ALL OF US.

I don’t believe in dividing people into hate camps. Not even to make a point.

And I don’t believe in cornering people to ‘open their eyes’. We can all see just fine once the narrative backs off. Belittling one group to raise another isn’t the correct way to equalize the groups. If you carry that to its logical conclusion, that behavior choice only intensifies what it purports to be fixing. Behavior mechanisms that illicit negative feelings and experiences as a way to create ‘good’ results is, at best, barbaric. We have become an ugly, barbaric society, and I don’t believe this is our inherently natural persona response. We have to learn this. We are taught this by institutions and continual propaganda. There is plenty of proof babies don’t wind up becoming ugly humans unless they are raised in ugly situations that can be arguably shown (literally, on paper during financial investigations into ugly things wherein poor people are paid by powerful people to behave badly) to be induced by things like elite billionaires trying to swing an election and slugging us continually for months with propagandized behavior modifiction.

Something to think about.

:edit: I seem to be locked out of my dotcom. 😂 I guess the shadowban thingy isn’t just on social medias. I can pull up YabloVH but not JanikaBanks, which I pay a premium on. My name has been shadowbanned across social since August 5th. Guess they aren’t playing around. I’m also locked out of Existential Aspie, another premium dotcom. This is fun. I may have to look into this later, really don’t have the time today. Wonder how long it’s been like this.

I mean, how would you guys like it if the technocrats just started locking up your media presence because they don’t like what you are sharing, tweeting, and writing? Especially as they’re still billing me. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.

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