backup- the social psychology of hate camps

Started this last night in bed when I couldn’t fall asleep.

Discovering cool things in a really old playlist I don’t remember making.

Oh, just discovered blogger lets me link my own vids directly from youtube. I should be playing around more.

I set the sizing for my laptop. Sorry if it screws up on your phone.

Had one of those mixup days where I had the day wrong all afternoon and Scott had to correct me when he got home from work. That hasn’t happened in several months. Noticed it seems linked to mood crash, another thing that hasn’t happened about the same length of time. Wondering now if it’s a derealization sort of episode. I was thinking about processing last year’s hard stuff and I guess the day kind of fell over after that, and I had a headache for awhile. I’m fine again now. Scott coming home helped. Now that I’m wording it out, I’m not remembering it that much.

Oh, well. Back to youtube. ūüėÄ

Dang it, the youtube widget still won’t search out a playlist. *shakes fist at blogger*

I love fans. Sploit says she misses Pinky. I think we all miss Pinky. I don’t think Pinky is ready to come back out yet. She tried making a new blog today and it was dismal, so she deleted it. I’m cheering her up.

Ha, I wasn’t even noticing the view counts. Like my Sherlock playlists have 3 times the traffic of my Lady Gaga playlists. ūüėā This one surprised me, I never thought to even check it.

Aaaand my joker/oswald list beats out Sherlock, easily twice the traffic.

Wow, I can’t believe I never check that stuff.


Good morning. Busy day, pick up my online grocery shopping in a bit, stuff.

Before I finally turned off last night I saw this playlist I shared 20 days ago had 184 views, which I found surprising, since other playlists in that thread were forcibly taken down by technocratic mass mind control freaks, and then the tweet got quickly buried into the past. Lurkers rock.

And this morning, a new vid (origin??) dropped, like a documentary of mass mind experimentation over the years through programming, education, and politics, and my bachelor of science in sociology degree was intensely piqued. Very up to date, very damning. I made sure I downloaded a backup in case it gets removed. Caution, this is a disturbing video, all the moreso because it’s real. The most disturbing part is how easily people are manipulated across all these situations.

Bullying as a device to reform conformity isn’t a very healthy approach to finding solutions… ūü§Ē and yet here we are. Until you see the bullying demo’d, you really can’t appreciate the way we are all pushed into our individual corners like … cowards.

We should ALL be standing up for our rights to be autonomous people with intact dignities. ALL OF US.

I don’t believe in dividing people into hate camps. Not even to make a point.

And I don’t believe in cornering people to ‘open their eyes’. We can all see just fine once the narrative backs off. Belittling one group to raise another isn’t the correct way to equalize the groups. If you carry that to its logical conclusion, that behavior choice only intensifies what it purports to be fixing. Behavior mechanisms that illicit negative feelings and experiences as a way to create ‘good’ results is, at best, barbaric. We have become an ugly, barbaric society, and I don’t believe this is our inherently natural persona response. We have to learn this. We are taught this by institutions and continual propaganda. There is plenty of proof babies don’t wind up becoming ugly humans unless they are raised in ugly situations that can be arguably shown (literally, on paper during financial investigations into ugly things wherein poor people are paid by powerful people to behave badly) to be induced by things like elite billionaires trying to swing an election and slugging us continually for months with propagandized behavior modifiction.

Something to think about.

:edit: I seem to be locked out of my dotcom. ūüėā I guess the shadowban thingy isn’t just on social medias. I can pull up YabloVH but not JanikaBanks, which I pay a premium on. My name has been shadowbanned across social since August 5th. Guess they aren’t playing around. I’m also locked out of Existential Aspie, another premium dotcom. This is fun. I may have to look into this later, really don’t have the time today. Wonder how long it’s been like this.

I mean, how would you guys like it if the technocrats just started locking up your media presence because they don’t like what you are sharing, tweeting, and writing? Especially as they’re still billing me. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.

I’d like to thank the Academy, or maybe crash it a little bit

In a surprise turn of events I find myself nominated for a Shorty Award. This picture clicks up bigger if you want to see it better. It’s not every day you get to look this cool, so I did a full screen grab and caught the date and everything.

I suppose the first thing I must do is thank my supporters, who don’t have a clue how abruptly they cannonballed this aspie head first through a brand new pinball machine at the last minute. New toy, O BOY!¬† photo hyper.gif¬†And¬†ever since then instead of doing the work I scheduled out, I’ve been brainlocked in making yet¬†another profile on the interwebs.

I’m obviously nowhere near winning, but it’s fun just getting to splat myself into the mix, right? They want me to fill out profile questions, interview questions, make a campaign video, link my social networks, and give them “links to your best work on social media”, with a vague example of an URL with specific content vs a main social account user page. Brain screech, aspie on board- O.M.G. I need more detail. This is why I was assigned a legal supervisor over my financial reporting, I think the simplest¬†instructions¬†are VAGUE. Check it out.

Paste in links to your tweets, photos, Instagrams, Vines and more from 2013 to show the public and The Academy why you should win a Shorty Award. These must be URLs of specific content items you created (e.g. rather than your main social account user pages.

Ok, so am I supposed to use links that lead to other content FROM tweets? Or can I just list URLs that go straight to the content? And I ***just*** noticed it has to be from 2013 so I can’t use my top tweets from favstar. What do other people do, keep a list of their top tweets through the year to use for the Shorty Awards if they get nominated? They close nominations TOMORROW, I can’t believe my friends did this to me…¬† photo 15curse.gif

But it’s all in good fun.¬†¬†May as well play along. In case I get disqualified and they delete my profile, here is what I’ve got so far in my bio.



Janika Banks skids wrecklessly across social media with a skewed point of view that can only spring from being born with Asperger’s and raised to kill and eat all her pets by her Mennonite father while finding solace in obsessing over science fiction after being abused by her mentally ill city girl mother. Spending adulthood in crippling pain only enhanced her keen determination to one day take over the world and hopefully develop the world’s first paisley feathered chicken breed. She currently owns 74 pairs of colorful footies purposely mismated and photographed, and has flying to Ireland to see bog bodies on her bucket list.

How do you or your organization use social media? What makes your use unique?

Janika Banks uses social media to annoy as many people as possible. It frequently backfires and she accidentally makes lots of friends.

These are the links I included. If I did it wrong, oh well.

This is your brain on JJ Abrams – Blogs –

Star Trek Into Darkness movie review- SPOILERS – Blogs –

shop till you drop survey | Bluejacky: Existential Aspie

Ellen Dubin interview with Wormhole Riders | GrandFortuna’s League of 20,000

Twitter / PinkyGuerrero: The zombie hand that I won …

Personally, I’d prefer to include a couple that have had less then 10 views apiece because I think the writing and content are so much stronger, but I think the point is showcasing the stuff that became the most popular.

There are 47 questions in the interview that I’m not going to put here. The first question I’m seeing is “How do you pronounce GIF?” Are they serious, they’re asking the click->¬†SURVEY QUEEN <-click to answer a whole bunch of inane questions, I’m going to have so much ~FUN~¬†with this!

Wait, I just noticed I have 5 nominations now. ¬†I’m rockin’ it, guys.

Anyway, nominations close at midnight EST tomorrow, and I assume they’ll want our profiles and interviews all done by then. I guess I’ll work on the interview questions for the sport of it, and maybe I’ll come back and paste them here along with my answers. If my Shorty Awards bio¬†disappears, you’ll know I got disqualified, but I still think this was awesomely fun. The awards ceremony will happen on April 7, 2014 in New York City and will be live-streamed on the internet.

:edit: 2-18-14 Here is the interview.


What inspires you to tweet?

The challenge of squeezing big thots into teeny tiny boxes is exhilarating.

What’s the most memorable Snapchat you’ve ever received?

I could say it’s none of ur biz & I’m not telling, which would still be true enough. I haz no snapchat.

Can you name some one-of-a-kind Twitter accounts that you follow?

@GhouliaChilds is the coolest dark food porn, @TheTweetOfGod & @StayPuft & @FailSign all rock, @XplodingUnicorn coolest blog posts

Who is the funniest person on Twitter that you follow?

Jon Hendren @fart is my secret twitter fetish at 3 a.m. when I can’t sleep, I lay there stifling giggles.

What was the funniest trend you’ve seen?

#superbowlblackout THAT. WAS. AWESOME.

How has social media improved your life?

I’m not alone anymore. All y’alls are in my head with me now.

What’s your best tweet?

Current top favstar- Carl is getting Daryl hair, won’t be long till he starts carrying a little crossbow #TheWalkingDead

Who’s your role model on social media?

Jenny Lawson @TheBloggess, the coolest weird chick on twitter, awesome blog & hilarious book.

Who do you admire most for his or her use of Twitter?

@StayPuft That is one crazy marshmallow.

Twitter or Facebook?

I saw something the other day about twitter & facebook getting married & having kids. I say bon chance! I’m not a side taker.

How do you imagine Twitter changing?

Sometimes I hear tweets in Stephen Hawking mode. I think that would be cool.

As a parent, coach, or role model tell us: How do you use social media to help others focus on all that is good in their lives? Don’t forget to submit a nomination for the #KeepGoodGoing award!

FOCUS! WORK!!! >=l Like that. I’m really good at getting to the point.

What are six things you could never do without?

Benadryl, lip balm, sox, hot chocolate, my chickens, & TWITTER.

Why should we vote for you?

Bcuz this is hilarious, & if you do I might give you one of my very special ultra rare #FF poems.

Why’d you start tweeting?

Specifically, to follow what was happening live with Merlin filming in Pierrefonds in France. I LOVE TWITTER.

Who do you wish had a Twitter feed but doesn’t?

Everyone who tries to DM, PM, & text me individually wanting info or pix. I made my life public for a reason.

Terms you wish would start trending on Twitter right now?

Really hate to jinx myself & say #BradleyJames bcuz it would def happen if he croaked ironically during filming or something.

What’s the most annoying social media trend?

Not posting pix of something ppl go out of their way to say is amazing. Phone is in ur hand, ur RIGHT THERE, tweet a pic, how hard is that?

What are some big Twitter faux pas?

Retweeting other ppl’s porn, spam, & hate, especially now that RTs infiltrate list feeds on phone apps.

What question are we not asking here that we should?

The obvious- would we like brain chips in our pets so they can tweet & we can see what they’re thinking? YES.

What’s the wildest experience you’ve had via social media?

Can’t tell ya, it’s going into the book. For reals.

How will the world change in the next year?

Sharknado 2 will complete Syfy’s conquest for world domination.

How much time you spend online?

If I dream about tweeting & blogging is it real? What if this whole thing is a dream? What if I wake up & the Shorty Awards don’t exist?

Is there someone you want to follow you who doesn’t already? If so, who?

If Wil Wheaton followed me I’d be set for life.

What feature should Twitter add?

Time travel. It would be easier to go back to last May than find a mobile tweet in my history that isn’t documented properly in my archive.

What’s the most interesting connection you’ve made through Twitter?

I tweeted a pic of the Tenth Doctor reading a book & tweeted that it was From Eternity to Here by @seanmcarroll & he RTd me #favephysicist

What will the internet be like in 50 years?

Seamless with no interface probs & something so entrenched in our lives that we can’t live without it continually. Too bad I’ll be dead.

In what ways do you waste the most time on social media?

I was once told to stop wasting time filling out silly surveys & posting them. LOOK AT ME NOW, NYAH, NYAH >=D

Hashtag you created that you wish everyone used?

#MerLexxian originally for Merlin & Lexx fans but now it’s more about Pinky being a weirdo.

How do you decide what to tweet?

I think the bigger challenge is what NOT to tweet.

How long can you go without a tweet?

I’m up to 8 hours between tweets now. Before Christmas, Vizio had me gauged at round the clock tweeting 24/7 bcuz sleep disorder.

How do you make your tweets unique?

I elevate the mundane to speshul party status.

What is the weirdest or most inappropriate place you’ve ever made a social media post from?

I accidentally walked into the men’s restroom in Walmart while I was tweeting & @mattyboy5150 laughed at me.

Which family member do you wish was on Facebook? Which do you wish wasn’t on Facebook?

I wish my dad was on facebook so he could see it’s not a magical place that we all automatically get with our computers.

What do you wish people would do more of on Twitter?

I wish people on twitter would tweet pix straight from their phones instead of sharing from instagram, bcuz extra clicks & time to view.

What are some words or phrases you refuse to shorten for brevity?

I refuse to shorten Doctor Who for the sake of brevity. Everything else gets slaughtered.

Ever get called out for tweeting too much?

Everyone I know is grateful I tweet bcuz I stopped writing 10,000 word emails.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions of Twitter?

Ppl think I’m addicted to my phone, it’s more like I feel like I’m part of the Borg now, all those voices go thru my eyeballs into my head.

Why should people follow you?

People should follow me bcuz I read every single bio & learn where they are from, & list them into appropriate groups for more interaction.

What will the world be like 10 years from now?

I’m hoping we’ll have brain implants & tweet hands free, & get software downloads & upgrades in our sleep. Tech interface is slow right now.

How do you use Twitter in your professional life?

I use twitter to gauge live response vs search engine response, & list merging as a growth mechanism to drive more traffic thru links.

Has Twitter changed your life? If yes, how?

Twitter’s made my life BETTER, depression is easier to deal with, get real time news faster, laugh more, watch TV w/ ppl around the world.

Instagram, Vine or GIF?

GIF bcuz it pops right up in the feed without having to click and load.

What’s the funniest celebrity tweet you saw in this past year?

Funniest celeb tweet- Gary_R_Graham mocking AdamBaldwin & he replied w/ My Little Pony pic with his head on it saying I set fires to feel joy

140 characters of advice for a new user?

Noobs can do whatever they want as long as they don’t bomb my DMs. That goes for wizened biz ppls as well, don’t be a nidiot with DMs.

How do you pronounce GIF?

The first time I saw “GIF” I thought it was an acronym for a mathematical function.

Have you ever unfollowed someone? Who and why?

I unfollowed a filmmaker with 42K followers bcuz he spammed my TL with porn going on in his house. Perv.

I blame Gloria Gaynor and Victore Navone for mRpl…

I’ve been racking my brain all week about a Plan,¬†I need a plan.

I know you all are probably sick of hearing it, but my blogs went smashing through a timewarp dimension with the Xanga Relaunch, and one of the biggies was my daily private blog. That thing is obliterated so badly that columns lie on top of one another and everything is a big fuzz of gobbledygook. No, I’m not going to make it public and show you.

By the way, it still bothers me that all my devices recognize a word like gobbledygook but I have to teach all of¬†them to accept Batman. Anything involving twitter is especially bad for retaining new words. It’s like twitter interfaces through a stroke victim. But I digress.

Ever since I ‘lost’ my private blog I have felt lost down to the core of my soul. Every day for 9 years I typed out a couple of paragraphs about what I wanted to get done during the day, tossing in a few private jokes for the one person on the planet allowed to read it. So it’s not just the daily plan, but the daily interaction that got pulled out like a rug and shaken to bits. Oh, we can still interact on facebook messaging and whatnot, but the structure is gone and I can’t colorize my fonts and throw in cute stuff. Anyway, 9 years is a long time, and I had developed some very good habits, like succinctly organizing my thoughts, really good for the ol’ writing skillz. Don’t worry, I have it all archived, nothing is truly lost but the cool experience. That’s what I created all my blogs to be, experiences, not just more articles of blah text.

Had a big ol’ talk with Scott this morning. Part of my head mess is this time crunch. I had goals set with definite dates- 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month goals. I exceeded my 3 and 6 month goals and was surging into blowing myself away with passing my 12 month goal beyond my most uninhibited expectations. And then the Xanga Relaunch happened. No, let me put that differently. Both my daughters got pregnant, I went through a surgery and then helped with a preemie before I’d gotten even a weeks’ recovery, and THEN the Xanga Relaunch happened. I was managing to stay on track and still surprisingly accomplishing more than I planned until that relaunch. My world tailspinned this month. The move to new servers wasn’t the smooth transition I thought it would be. My content is intact, but my blogs look now like a gradeschooler made them and abandoned them and they’re saying it might still be another month or two before the ‘dust settles’. I weep in my inner emotional core while my physical face locks into stone staring at my screen. My attempts to restructure some kind of archive system is eating up great swaths of time. The fact that my first book launch was heavily based on two of my blogs about knocked me off my egomaniacal feet.

I had briefly entertained the idea of just moving my cool stuff to Blogger in the first place but thought Nah, too much work, would take too much time, just trust the Xanga, the Xanga is good. (I really did love Xanga, best blogging platform I ever played with, all kinds of freedom to be creative.) Now I’m wondering if I should at least test run moving one of my blogs over so I can reincorporate my own template. People around the world have told me how cool my blogs are (were… ¬†). Now I’m wondering if setting a week or two aside for reconstruction would actually be my best plan at this time.

My original plan for my first book launch was to have everything turned into the publisher by October. I’ve worked in sales, I know the seasonal heartbeat well, and it seems like a good move. It’s not critical, but it’s a good option, timing merch placement when the world¬†comes¬†out of the woodwork¬†combing shops and internet¬†for gift giving, and incidentally spending more on themselves while they’re at it. But honest assessment this week is dredging up the glum realization that there’s just no way I can pull it off now without shutting down everything else in my life for two solid weeks. EVERYTHING. I’m really good at assessment and time budgeting, despite how scattered my life looks, and I’ve actually pulled off some pretty big stuff before in my life, so I have every confidence I can do this. But at what cost? I’ve finally got my personal life in a really good place, I *like* the social interaction I’ve become accustomed to (this is a huge thing for me, I’m a natural recluse, as Lexx fans found out when I shut down all my internet stuff for a couple of years), and I really don’t want to lose my traction. Because, and this is what’s happily saving me from some pretty severe depression lately, my social networking,¬†just playing around being myself, is actually *better* now than it was when I originally set this whole plan up. Even with the epic blog fail, even through my world crashing apart, I’m actually in a better place now than I was before the it happened. ¬†I know! I can’t believe it, either!

¬†So long drawn out story even longer, I had a good talk with Scott this morning. Move the book launch. Time it with the after New Year self help and white sales. ~Use~ the manuscript work as stress relief to get me through the holidays, as distraction. But right now, do what I love doing most- working on my blogs. Give myself a little time to feverishly obsess over them in true aspie form and I will feel soooo much better. Get my little platform back under my feet and start over. I know I’m capable, I know how hard I can work. I love to work.

I hesitate to make this blog my daily plan blog because I’ve been so used to privacy, but everything else in my life has gone public, so here we go. This is Janika Banks, internet action figure, and it’s anybody’s guess what’s going to happen next. Gonna get pretty real here. For instance, this is what walks around my house during hunting season. He comes in all sweaty and strips off, never does that any other time of year. Do I get anything? No, the guy’s an ADHD blur. I keep saying I need pictures for posterity because I might develop memory problems in my old age, but does he care? No, this is the only clear picture I’ve ever been able to get, from last year. I know, those beautiful legs, right?
 photo scott2.jpg

But I’m a camera bug so going forward I’ll put pix on this blog.

Aside from that, my plan today is to CLEAN MY HOUSE. Some people stop eating and get real thin when they stress out, I rip through drawers and clean toilets. God help you if I run out of laundry, because I’ll take¬†your clothes¬†right off your back.

And by the way, for everyone worried about the government amassing private information on us- just try getting your GRE test scores sometime. My psychologist and I are really curious about mine because I nearly didn’t make it into grad school over a much lower than normal score. Fortunately, there were 3 sections and I scored so super high on the other two that they did go ahead and allow me in after much head scratching. After a couple of quality hours in phone calls hither and yon yesterday I finally reached the one person on the entire planet who knew how to find a notation on my alumnus account long after the test scores were tossed into the purge fires of 7-year record keeping, and I must travel in person to campus next week to look at a computer screen because there is no way they are allowed to print that info out for me at any cost. I’m going to do my best to get a picture of that on my phone. I also have no proof I ever broke my foot since a local clinic was absorbed by a regional system and anything that might have been microfiched has long gone to a dump somewhere. So I laugh when I hear people fret about the government centralizing all our information into some vast whatever. The first half of my marriage has already dissolved into the ethereal mists, and excepting for a tiny handful of documents in one building in a tiny little town, there is literally no memory of Scott and I existing on this planet beyond ten years ago. If anything, more and more of us are simply going to just disappear, despite more and more rigorous record keeping. Take heart, Amehrka, those dossiers on your lives are just busy work so someone can get paid. I can only hope that¬†the government kept records of my original blogs, because I am so sad that they got smashed up.

I’ll just¬†mRpl¬†my way through like I always do.

:edit: 9-29-13 I know, I combed this obsessively for errors and missed the grievous error in the title… Victor, not Victore. Sorry about that.