Stalking Mike Bilinski, 101

So you’re a twitter noob from the Heartland and running into all kinds of hard core fun stuffs, and one crazy evening on the twitters you chance across a creepy looking/sounding guy from Big City, East Coast on a radio show recording being live tweeted by fans and go woah…  photo monkey05.gif

You get this wonderfully creepy chill up your spine when you see him use a doll head as a flask on Snarkalec Radio

and it instantly reminds you of the same cool nasty little shock you got when you first noticed the doll heads Nadia G had sitting around shelves and in her fridge on Bitchin Kitchen when you checked out the Food Network.

and you want moar….

Addiction to creepy sparkles going up your spine is pleasantly rewarded when you dig around. Start with Michael Bilinski on IMDB and eventually from there you migrate on to his myspace page. But. you. want. more. So you keep digging and run into this little gem when you type Pagan into your search bar. Click it to go to the page that has the article link.

Before long you think Ah, maybe he’s on facebook…

Pagan on facebook

Michael Bilinski on facebook

And next thing you know, you’re creepin all over his radio station facebook

and dotcom.

Then you think Hey, I wanna go back and watch some of the shows he’s already been in, so you dig up his vimeo channel

and then start marathoning through the old Snarkalec Radio channel on youtube

and THEN you think you’re gonna just DIE if you don’t get the t-shirt… (click it).

Mike’s a sweetheart, you get to check out his music. Click the pic to arrive at the latest sample.

You can keep up with Mike’s articles in the Underground Music in Philadelphia section of and be sure to follow him on twitter and watch for links to the live recordings he is usually doing every week.


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